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Top 40 Best Gender Neutral Names

The topic of gender neutral names is a highly controversial one, in an age where America is ever uncertain of its future. In cities like Boston, progressive teachers are literally trying to convince boys that they might not realy be boys, and vice versa. So, without further commentary, the editor warns you to choose your gender neutral name wisely, if at all, because names tend to define our paths in life. What path do you want your child to take? Well, as it turns out his or her name will play a big role in the success or failure of your child. So choose wisely.

The History of Gender Neutral Names

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It didn’t take 24-hour news networks to invent what would eventually become known as homosexual marriage, and by the time Barack Obama took over the White House, America was plunged into the throes of a full-blown national identity crisis. This crisis, which has been called the “Gender Identity Crisis,” would reach into the most vulnerable American citizen’s schoolyards, with strange new doctrines originating from the media.

These strange new doctrines would, to this day, be targeted at young children and attempt to convince little boys that they might not really be boys in places like Boston, where parents have protested the obscene and borderline criminal antics of teachers. This strange new media-imposed doctrine would also attempt to convince girls that they are really boys. It would scar a nation already railing from the throes of the biggest terrorist attack America had ever seen.

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1. Can Gender Neutral Names Lessen My Child’s Confidence in School and Life?

While there is much controversy surrounding the off-the-beaten-path androgynous names, our editors take an unequivocally cautious stand toward the practice of gender-neutral names. That’s because a boy or girl’s sex is a fundamental part of who he or she is. During childhood, we train for adulthood and the various maturities that we’ll eventually need to be prepared for. Thus, giving your boy child a girl’s name, or giving your girl child a boy’s name, may seem innocent enough at first, but it can have big implications for your child in a world where everyone is trying to create their own unique “brand.”

2. Should I Give My Child A Gender Neutral Name?

It’s really your decision as to how to raise your child, and you’re going to have to live with the consequences of that decision. However, we’d like to remind you that if you’d like your child to be incredibly handsome as a young man, or to possess the kinds of confidence that truly beautiful women know, you may want to take this list of names with a grain of salt.

3. Where Did Gender-Neutral Names Come From?

Gender-neutral names are definitely a modern, and actually a fairly recent phenomenon in American history. It’s the product of a culture that has abandoned traditional sexual morality for a kind of lifestyle that involves more permissive behavior. This has a lot of positive sides, but critics say that the trend toward gender-neutral names also has a lot of negatives, including a lack of understanding and confidence in one’s own sexuality.

We go a little bit into the etymology of gender neutral names in the next section, but basically, gender-neutral names can be classified into a few major categories: Traditionally boys’ names now used for females; traditionally girls’ names now used on boys; surnames used as first names for the purpose of gender ambiguity; and finally, truly gender-ambiguous names with a long history of being used for highly successful members of both sexes. Media influence is responsible for much of the ambiguity, and for the trend toward these less truer “gender neutral names” in the majority of this list.

There is a tremendous amount of controversy surrounding the highly-controversial “androgynous” names. Because no healthy parents wants to see his or her boy not know whether he’s a boy or a girl, or vice versa. We’re going to take a more healthy approach to tackling an issue that is near and dear to the hearts of concerned parents everywhere.

How We Reviewed And The Etymology of Gender Neutral Names

Most “gender neutral names” are actually boys’ names which have been adopted by the trend in Hollywood toward androgyny. This is because, as most Americans know, Hollywood values do not reflect real-world, down-home, American values. Less commonly, “gender neutral names” are girls names that boys who have adopted a kind of escapist philosophy to life tend toward.

You’ll find a mix on this list, including both boys names that have gotten successfully confused as girls names and vice versa. There’s another category of so-called gender neutral names which are actually common surnames that have been unintentionally reworked by millennials as given names. We cover them all on your ultimate list of gender neutral names.

Gender Neutral Names We Reviewed

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  • Al​ex​​​​
  • Amari
  • Andy
  • Ash
  • Aubrey
  • Blaine
  • Brook 
  • Caelan
  • Cameron
  • Dana
  • Dale
  • Dylan
  • Easton
  • Elliott
  • Finley
  • Glenn
  • Gray
  • Harley
  • Hayden
  • Jayden
  • Kelly
  • Kelsey
  • Kendall
  • Kennedy
  • Monroe
  • Morgan
  • Pat
  • Peyton
  • Phoenix
  • Quinn
  • Roan
  • Rory
  • Rowan
  • Rudy
  • Ryan
  • Sage
  • Sawyer
  • Skylar
  • Sydney
  • Val

Gender Neutral Names



Alex is traditionally a boy’s name that has been reworked by progressive thinkers as a girl’s name.


Andy is traditionally a boy’s name, but it’s been reworked as a girl’s name.


Amari doesn’t have a long history of popularity in America, however it’s recommended by our editors for girls if you want to be safe.


Having its foundations in being short for “Ashley,” it’s safest to give this name to girls.


Aubrey is not only traditionally a girl’s name, we recommend that you use it as a girl’s name.


Blaine is traditionally a boys name which some parents adopt for girls thinking it will help their chances of competing with men in workforces traditionally composed of men.


Short for “Brooke,” Brook is recommended for girls.


Caelan is the masculine form of Kaitlin.


Cameron means “bent nose.” It’s recommended for boys, but could go girl too.


Dana means “from Denmark.”


Dale is traditionally a boy’s name that rather audacious females have adopted as a stage name.


Dylan is a Welsh boy’s name meaning “sea.” Again, it’s been appropriated by girls to some degree of succcess in American culture.


Easton is Scottish and English, and traditionally a boy’s name. It has been appropriated by parents for girls to some degree.


Elliott is traditionally a boy’s name that has been applied to girls with some success.


Finley means “white” and “fair.” In an American context, it’s one of the ffew names on this list that’s truly gender-ambniguous.


Our editors say traditionally “male” on Glenn. We know what you’re thinking: “Glenn Close” – but that’s not her real name. It’s actually part of a trend of Hollywood starlets and writers who have made the popularization of boys’ names as girls’ names something of a cottage industry. In fact, we would go so far to say that without Hollywood and news media influence, about half of this list would be strictly boys’ names.


Gray on our list of gender neutral names is Sottish-English in region, but the sex of the name gray is rather black and white. It’s a masculine name in America, making it one of those on our list that’s clearly a boy’s name that the trend toward androgyny tries to make into a girl’s name. At the end of the day, it’s your decision as a parent to call your child what you think is best.


Harley is derived from Leah, who is biblically famous for being the less beautiful choice.


Hayden is one of the more rare names on our list that began as a surname. We advise parents based on all the survey data available to us to go with what is tried and true in America, as when you meet a new person, they’re more willing to like you – and hire you – if you have a recognizable name.


Jayden is the feminine form of Jaydon, meaning “He will judge.”


Save this one for the girls as a given name, though it’s perfectly acceptable as a surname for either sex. If you couldn’t tell, it’s very Irish!


Kelsey means “Ship’s Victory,” and has it’s origin in English. It’s one of the very few names that has a real history of success as a given name, or at least as an adopted first name, among members of both sexes.


Kendall is an Anglicized Welsh name that began as Cynddelw, the product of a whimsical Welsh wordsmith. Kendall is another more purely “gender neutral name,” or more truthfully, more gender ambiguous.


Kennedy is more traditionally a surname adopted as a female given name to apply the strength or perceived strength of the Kennedy name to females to give them a competitive edge.


Monore’s origin is Gaelic; it hearkens back to “The Roe,” an Irish river.


Morgan as a given name has more of a feminine ring than a masculine one, however the ultimate choice is ultimately up to you as a parent.


Pat is a boy’s name. We could elaborate, but it’s generally assumed to be short for “Patrick,” or to at least take its cues from “Patrick.” There is, of course, the Patricia variant, for girls.


Peyton is a boy’s name that has been adopted for the purpose of giving girls a perceived competitive edge in the marketplace.


Phoenix is another more purely gender-ambigious name with success among both sexes. It’s one of those trendy names of the moment that the experts don’t expect to stick for a very long time.


Quinn is a more traditionally boy’s name meaning “wisdom,” however, in the brave new world, feel free to use it for your girl as well.


Working best as a boy’s name, Roan is Irish in origin and stems from Rouen in Normandy. It also might have roots in any one of the places in the Strathclyde region bearing the same name. Again, feel free to name your girl this as well, because we’re an equal opportunity employer when it comes to names.


“Red King” is the Gaelic meaning of Rory. It’s traditionally a man’s name made feminine largely by – you guessed it, Hollywood. You may not remember the Gilmore Girls, but that’s where it all started.


Rowan is a variant of Roan. See Roan.


Rudy is the shortened version of “Rudolph,” but again, the choice is up to you as to whether it’s appropriate for a girl as well.


Ryan is another of the majority of the names on our list which is a guy’s name that Hollywood has tried really hard to make into a girl’s name, with a lot of success. We actually know girls named Ryan, and they tell us they were named after a character on an obscure soap opera decades ago. So clearly, Hollywood is where this trend started, and that’s not humor, that’s fact.


Sage is typically reserved for men, and can mean “prophetic,” however it has some perfume connotatious owing to its meaning as an herb making this another name which might be more gender ambiguous.


Sawyers, in the literal sense, saw wood, traditionally. In that sense, the name befits – any of the sexes you think is more predisposed to sawing wood, if either.


A variant of scholar, this is another one of those trendy kinds of names parents kind of made up out of the blue and it stuck – for a while. We’re not completely sure where to classify this one.


Sydney is the girl-compatible version of the masculine “sidney.”


Short for Valerie, “Val” is traditionally reserved as a given name for girls.

The Verdict

All the studies show us, along with a plethora of historical evidence, that what you name your child has the power to define their path in life. If you want your child to have a healthy, successful marriage and relationship, don’t just make up a name because it sounds nice. We editors are always astounded by all the people running around in this big world of ours who don’t know what their name means, and yet they are enslaved to its meaning. So choose carefully, because the success or failure of your child might just depend upon it.

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