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Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas That Are Great For Both Boys And Girls

Along with the excitement of having a baby comes the joy of getting to decorate the nursery room. The nursery room is a place where you will be spending a lot of your time, so you'll want to take your time to decorate it nicely. If you know the gender of your baby, it is easy to decide if you should paint the nursery walls pink or blue. But if you are waiting to find out the gender of your baby, it may seem difficult to decorate the nursery room. Thankfully, there are still many adorable gender neutral nursery ideas that would work for a boy or girl. Today, let's take a look at some gender neutral nursery ideas that you could use to decorate your baby's room.

Paint the Walls Gray

You can never go wrong with painting the walls gray. The color gray goes with almost anything. It goes well with the color pink, but it also looks great with blue. While gray may seem like a boring color, it will look extra good when you add furniture and either pink or blue accents into the room.

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Add Some Beauty With Wooden Walls and Furniture

Another option for decorating the walls is to forget the paint and to instead add real wooden boards to the wall. This will create a warm and rustic look to the nursery. However, it will still have a rustic look if you simply put out wooden furniture. Whatever you choose to do, wood accents look great in either a boy's or girl's room.

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Create A Gallery Wall

Many people choose to decorate the walls of their homes by creating a gallery wall. You could do the same thing in the nursery room if desired. All you need is an empty wall and some art. Feel free to hang any pictures that you'd like. You could stick with traditional nursery art such as photos of animals, or you could get creative with other unique pieces of art. Remember to hang enough frames so that it creates a gallery. Also, make sure you choose pictures that are gender neutral.

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Add Gray-Colored Furniture

Similar to painting the walls gray, gray-colored furniture will work well for boys and girls. Such furniture could include chairs, desks, and dressers. If the walls are gray, you may not want to add too many gray pieces of furniture. However, perhaps the matching gray colors will look nice.

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Stuffed Animals Make Great Decorations

When it comes to decorating your baby's room, you can't go wrong with stuffed animals. There are so many gender neutral stuffed animals that look great in nurseries. Many people who decorate a gender neutral nursery choose to add stuffed toy giraffes. There is no doubt why since it looks great and kids love playing with these life-size toys. Teddy bears, elephants, llamas, and tigers are popular stuffed animals to decorate a gender neutral nursery with.

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Make It A Tropical-Themed Nursery

Want your baby's nursery to stand out? Try decorating it in tropical style. This means painting the walls blue like the ocean and tan like the sand. Add some deep-blue colored rugs and a few plants. Choose furniture that goes well with a tropical theme, such as sandy-colored lamps or pictures of fish.

Add A Splash Of Color

You can never go wrong with lots of bright colors in the nursery room. Even if you choose blue colors, as long as you have other colors to even out the blue, the nursery is just as nice for a girl as it would be for a boy. Ways to make a nursery colorful include to use bright furniture, colorful rugs, and, of course, paint the walls bright colors.

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Go With A Modern Style

Is a rustic style just not your taste? Consider decorating your baby's room in a modern style. This means using modernly styled chairs, modernly styled lamps, and even a modernly styled crib. It doesn't matter what color you paint the room to make it modern looking, but white always looks nice.

Paint the Walls White And Add Colored Accents

Making the nursery colorful doesn't require you to paint the walls with bright paint. You can easily make the room colorful by painting the walls white and then adding colored accents. You don't need to add a lot of colored accents. Simply add a few frames and pillows that display some color.

Image Source: Mambee

Decorate With Letters From the Alphabet

The alphabet makes a great decoration on the wall. Not only is it adorable looking, but as your baby gets older, it may help he or she learn the alphabet because your child will see it every day. To decorate the nursery with the alphabet, simply hang the letters on a wall. It could even be part of your gallery wall.

Black and White Equals A Gender Neutral Nursery

One of the newest nursery trends is to decorate your baby's nursery room black and white. While this may seem drab, once you add other accents it will actually look very nice. Try painting the walls black and white, and choose some black and white furniture.

Woodland Themed Nursery

This nursery theme is perfect for any child that loves the outdoors. Simply paint some trees onto the wall and add natural colored accents. Pictures of wildlife may look nice hanging on the wall. There are different woodland themes you can choose from. You could mostly decorate with birds, other wildlife, or simply trees and plants. Decide what theme would look nice in the nursery room.

Image Source: The Nurseries

Decorative Wallpaper

Sometimes, instead of painting the wall, all you need is some wallpaper. In this nursery, there are clouds on the wallpaper. You could use any wallpaper that you'd like, but the clouds make it extra dreamy looking. In addition to looking great, clouds are gender neutral.

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Add A Nursery Teepee

A nursery teepee is a small teepee made to go inside nurseries. It is a safe place for your baby to hang out with you. What's even better about a nursery teepee is that most nursery teepees come in gender-neutral colors.

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Go Simple

Sometimes decorating in a simple manner makes the nursery look that much better. Too much clutter can cause the nursery to be overwhelming and messy looking. Instead of having so many distractions in the nursery, consider only having the crib, a chair, a few frames on the wall, and a dresser. Forget all of the unnecessary art and desks. This simple look makes the nursery look extra clean and roomy.

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Final Thoughts

I hope this article has inspired you to decorate your baby's room with gender-neutral colors and styles. As you can see, there are so many gender neutral nursery ideas that you can try. From painting the walls gray to decorating with modern styled furniture, these gender neutral nursery ideas are creative and easy to do. These ideas also allow you to decorate your baby's room long before you know your baby's gender. Have fun decorating your baby's nursery room!

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