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Gender Neutral Outfits Your Baby Can Rock This Summer

Move over pink and blue baby outfits. These days, when it comes to shopping for your little one, it’s all about staying away from gender-specific stereotypes and saying hello to gender neutral outfits. This summer, your little one can switch up their style by playing with all the different gender neutral outfits available. Here are some great gender neutral styles that your little one is sure to keep cool in (literally and figuratively) this summer.


gender neutral  baby clothes

Rompers have been all the craze this year. I thought rompers couldn’t get any cuter until I put my little one in a baby romper. Keep the trend going this summer by dressing your little one in an adorable romper. Although rompers aren’t quite the hit yet with grown men (thank god), your little one can rock this adorable style whether they are a boy or girl.  In fact, I think this might be an outfit style that little boys can pull off with a whole a lot more cuteness than baby girls. With all the cute romper prints available, you may find yourself adding more than just one to their wardrobe.


gender neutral baby clothes

Who says overalls are just for farmers? This summer, put your little one in one of the cutest gender neutral outfits: overalls. To fight off the summer heat, keep away from stiff fabrics like heavy denim. Opt instead for breathable fabrics like chambray, rayon, and cotton. A classy gender-neutral look to pull off for your little on this summer is a darker chambray overall with a thin cotton tank top underneath. When you are shopping for your gender-neutral overalls this summer, stay away from long-legged overalls. Opt instead for overalls that sport shorts. This way, your little one is sure to keep cool in the summer heat.


gender neutral baby clothes

You can never, and will never go wrong with a onesie. Onesies make the perfect summer outfit because they’re just so practical. Even better, with all the different gender-neutral styles these days, you can’t go wrong with putting your little one in a onesie. If you want your cutie to rock this look this summer really, then aim for onesies that have catchy slogans or adorable quotes. The possibilities really are endless with this one.  

Tank Top And Jean Shorts

gender neutral baby clothes

Keep your little one cool this summer both in the skin department and the fashion department. You can’t go wrong with the classic look of a white tank top and jean shorts. This gender neutral look will never get old, so feel free to have the little booger rock it through the summer. Because jeans can get uncomfortable in the summer heat, make sure to search for specific fabrics that won’t cause your little one to heat up. Opt for a tank top made out of a breathable fabric like cotton. For girls, feel free to swap out the white tank top with a white spaghetti strap top. When you are shopping for the jean shorts, try and steer clear of the heavy fabric. Shop instead for similar looking fabrics like chambray that are both breathable and comfortable. Pair the look with some white sneakers (velcro anyone?), and your little one is ready to rock the boardwalk.

Don’t Forget To Accessorize

gender neutral baby clothes

Who says boys can’t accessorize? This summer, don’t forget gender-neutral accessories like sunglasses. The range of sunglasses for toddlers has impressively grown. So you are sure to find a sunglasses frame that fits your little one’s budding personality. When you are shopping for a pair of sunglasses for your little one, be sure to pick up a couple that have UV protection. It’s always a plus when your accessories can work double duty.

Hats Galore

gender neutral baby clothes

Be sure to protect your little one’s head from the scorching heat this summer by dressing up your child in a protective hat. This gender-neutral add-on is perfect because not only is it great for protection, but dawning the right hat can complete any outfit. The great thing about hats is the variety that is available. A great gender-neutral hat style that you might want to get your child into is a fedora. Little toddler boys look dapper in them, and little toddler girls are absolutely adorable. If fedoras aren’t your child’s style, then opt instead for a wide-brimmed sun hat or baseball cap. Toddler baseball caps are just as adorable and can virtually work with any outfit too.

Final Thoughts

Fashion isn’t just for teens and adults anymore; babies are starting to dominate the scene everywhere you look too. What’s even cuter than dressing up your little one in adorable gender neutral outfits is seeing your little one explore with all the different styles available. Go out to the stores and explore with your little to pick out the perfect gender neutral outfit for the summer. Happy choosing!

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