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10 Tips To Get Back On Track To Complete Your New Year’s Goals

Statistics show that most of those who make New Year’s Resolutions quickly break them.  It’s easy to fall into bad habits and forget about those goals.  I’m going to give you some ideas and hopefully some motivation to get you back on track.

Break Your Goal Down Into Subgoals


One of the best ways to get back on track towards a bigger goal is to break that goal down into smaller goals.  For example, if you made a New Year’s goal to lose 20 pounds, it may help to break that goal down into 5-pound increments.  When you lose 5 pounds, celebrate your success before moving on towards the next 5 pounds.  Know that you can do it because you just did.  This should help you to build up your willpower and motivation to continue.

Write Down Your Goals


By writing down your goals, you can easily remember what your goals are and when you want them accomplished.  Don’t also forget to write down your progress.  When you write down what you accomplished, along with your goal, you will be motivated and inspired by your progress.

Ask a Friend to Help Keep You Accountable


If you have a close friend or family member, ask him or her to keep you accountable to reach your goal.  Make sure to give your friend updates on how you are doing with your goal.  It will be even better if you can find a friend with a similar goal so that you can spur each other on towards achieving each other’s goals.

Forgive Yourself and Move On


When you mess up and break a resolution, give yourself a break.  We are all human and can slip off the mark here and there.  The most important thing will be how you recover and move on when you mess up.  It’s important to quickly get back on that horse after you’ve fallen off.

Reevaluate Your Goal


Ask yourself if your goal is still something that you want to achieve.  If the answer is that it is not as important as you thought, then, by all means, get another goal.  You won’t be motivated to continue on towards achieving a goal that you have no interest in achieving.  It’s ok to switch your goal and plans mid-stream.

Get On A Schedule


No matter what your goal is, a daily schedule that keeps you on track for moving towards that goal will usually help.  For example, if you are self-employed and want to make a certain income each week, get yourself on a daily schedule that will help you to earn that amount.  You’ll need to set aside enough time each day to work towards that goal. At first, schedules may seem hard to get on, but before you know it, a new schedule will turn into a routine and a good habit. You’ll soon be working towards your goal without having to try as hard as you did in the beginning.



Do what it takes to focus on your goal.  If you are training for a 5K, then maybe it’s motivational music on your iPod that keeps you focused.  Or maybe you need a moment of quiet each day to gain the focus that you will need to achieve your goal.  Some people like to meditate while others might want to go out for a run or drive in the car to get their focus back. Do what keeps you focused on your goal.

Stay Positive


What you think will eventually come out in your actions. If you believe you can achieve a goal, you are going to have a much better chance of actually achieving it than if you doubt yourself.  Visualize yourself reaching your goal.  Think of how happy and proud you will be when you reach it.

Don’t Overthink It


Stay focused enough on your goal to not second guess everything.  If you are working towards your goal, then that should be enough.  Your hard work will eventually pay off, even though it may not feel like it every single day.



You may want to practice telling yourself that you can do it.  Some people like to stand in front of a mirror and say positive affirmations to themselves.  It may help to write down phrases on notecards and practice saying them to yourself each day.  You don’t necessarily need a mirror to recite them to yourself. If you can memorize a few positive affirmations, you can do them anywhere, even on the drive to work.

Final Thoughts

Let’s face it, we all make mistakes.  It’s easy to slip up and lose sight of a goal. What’s going to be important, is how quickly you get back on track. I hope that some of these ideas that I’ve given will help you to do just that.  Stay focused on the fact that it’s not that you fell, it’s that you had the willpower to get back up. Good luck and before you know it you’ll be crushing those New Year’s resolutions!

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