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Get Rid of Wedding Planning Mistakes Once and For All

There is a solution to this problem! There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

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Many times, new bride-to-be’s are so pumped and caught up in the excitement around them, that they forget to keep some essential things in mind when they start their wedding planning. While every bride has a unique and different approach to planning their special day, there are definitely some tips that every bride should consider before they dive into the world of wedding planning.

So if you are a bride looking for some guidance, check out these wedding planning mistakes before you start the wedding planning process to save you the additional frustration and occasional tears that you do not need with your already stressful schedule. In this case, it is better to learn from other’s mistakes then to make those same mistakes yourself.

1. Planning Before You Set a Budget

Although it may sound like common sense, it certainly can be a temptation. But definitely do not start planning things before you have talked over with your fiance, family, or other friends helping out financially. If you do, this can cause a lot of problems and a tension right off the bat.

2. Going Above This Budget

There is a point behind a budget. And that is too keep your financial planning within restrictions. So do not make a budget if you are going to just spend more anyways. Even for that dream dress that costs only two grand more (I say only very loosely) than your budget, do not do it. Keep you and your parents sane.

3. Planning Before You Have a Guest List

Another very important thing. You do not have any idea of how much food to purchase or favors to buy, or even chairs to rent, until you have a solid guest list. This, along with the budget, should be the first things you discuss with your honey.

4. Trying to Lose a Bunch of Weight to Fit Into a Smaller Dress

Do not make this mistake. So many brides will purchase their dress two sizes down and then are determined to squeeze themselves into the morning of the big day. Just order it in your regular size, and then if you lose weight, they can always take it in. Do not starve yourself over a dress!

5. Planning an Outdoor Wedding Without a Game Plan for Rain

Just because Mr. Weatherman says that your wedding date is clear skies and sunny, does not mean that the big guy in the sky above won’t just throw some rain into the mix. So make sure you have a plan for the ceremony venue, reception venue, and have a game plan for alerting the tent company, caterers, etc.

6. Taking Everything Onto Your Shoulders (As the Bride)

There is a reason you have family supporting you. There is a reason you have in laws and friends to support you. Heck, there is a reason they have wedding planners! Do not feel the need to do everything yourself! You can give some people certain tasks and assign yourself other big and more important ones. While not everyone else is your personal slave, it is wonderful to include them in on the planning for your special day.

7. Believing That 10% of Your Invited Guests Will RSVP “No”

Just because this is a common theology about your guest’s responses, do not think that it will happen to you. Maybe all of your guests will say yes! So do not plan around ninety percent responding with a yes, plan for anything that may come your way.

8. Sending Out Your Save the Dates 13 Months in Advance

Okay, thirteen was just a number (and it was a little sarcastic as well). But in all seriousness, do not send out your Save the Dates so far ahead that people forget about your wedding date. Make sure you send them out within a reasonable amount of time.

9. Allowing Your Friend to Photograph, Not a Professional

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I know that you do not want to hurt their feelings, but this is a pretty important day. It may be the most important day of your life. So, if you prefer to hire a professional photographer, then do that! Just explain to that amateur photographer friend of yours that you want a specific one for your day (saying you like their style more or that they have done a friend’s wedding that you like can be helpful).

10. Skipping Out on the Wedding Video

Although you may think that a photographer is sufficient, you may want to rethink that a bit. A wedding video is a priceless memory that you will probably cry over years later. This is a precious memory you do not want to skip out on. So whether you hire a professional or just have someone in the family record it, just be sure it does happen!

11. Trying to Please Anyone and Everyone

In the end, you will please people and you will have people disagree with some of your wedding planning decisions. But it is your day. So be sure to stand your ground and put your foot down if you need to. In the end, they will still love you, whether they agree with you or not!


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