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Wedding Getaway Cars That Even Paul Walker Would Be Proud Of

You could exit your wedding by tearing away in a race car or walking away with a knapsack. You do you. There’s no one stopping you from having the wedding getaway you’ve always dreamed of, no matter how unusual, classic, or quirky. If you haven’t yet decided how you and your new spouse are going to exit the wedding, look below for some inspiration!

Horse-drawn carriage

Horses and carriages are so classically romantic. Why not combine the two for an old-fashioned yet high-class getaway? Drive it yourself or hire a footman.

Tandem bicycle

Come on, what’s more romantic than a tandem bicycle? Talk about the symbolism! Two lives — like two bikes — are coming together as one. The bride and groom will be journeying through life together but only one can take the lead — steer the wheel — and determine what direction they go as a couple — and on the road. Make sure the modesty of the bride can be maintained while riding a bike before selecting this option.


wedding getaway cars

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Obviously, there’s a big prerequisite to this getaway. You must be near a body of water. But you do not need to go full force with a speed boat on the ocean. You could also kayak down a river or canoe across a lake.

Dog sled

dog sled wedding getaway

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Again, your ability to pull off this wedding getaway requires a very specific time and place. Also, you will have to set up a destination with people waiting to take care of the dogs and sled so that you can continue on to your honeymoon. But just think about how unexpected and fun it would be to exit your wedding on a sled pulled by a herd of cute, yet strong canines! Keep this getaway in mind as you plan your venue — you could mold your wedding and theme around this unique exit.


jeep wedding getaway car

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If you or your betrothed love Jeeps but are unable to afford one as your regular, everyday vehicle, take this opportunity as a chance to use one! (This mindset applies to any dream car of yours.) But even if it’s not your dream car, a Jeep is still helpful in continuing the adventurer, outback, or backroad vibes you strove to create in your venue, theme, or honeymoon.

Classic car

classic wedding getaway car

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Go way back to a classic Model T. Or a little less far back and get a 1960s Mustang. Marriage has been around since Adam and Eve. You can hint at the longevity of this beautiful union with a classic getaway car. Such a car can double as a prop for your wedding photos and a general form of decoration.


taxi wedding getaway cars

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Didn’t see this one coming did you? Taxis can be both cool and useful. Find a vintage taxi for a vintage adventurer vibe. Or, schedule a real taxi to come pick you up, and it can take you directly to the airport for your honeymoon.


motorcycle wedding getaway car

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For an I-am-cool-and-I-know-it getaway, rent or borrow a motorcycle. Everyone has a friend, uncle, or brother with a motorcycle, and they would probably be willing and honored to let you borrow it. Don’t forget that either you or your hubby will need to have a motorcycle license to legally drive such a bike. Also, in order to drive  safely and avoid any tragedies immediately after your wedding, you should have plenty of practice before you attempt to tear away in it.

Golf cart

For a slow and steady getaway catered to long waves goodbye and kids running along side of you, go for a golf cart! A simple white golf cart can be elevated fairly easily with flowers, signs, and other decorations.


tractor wedding getaway car

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Some couples are tractor-getaway-car type of couples and some are not. You know who you are. For the couple who would consider themselves in the former category, this getaway car is ingenious.

Camper van

camper van wedding getaway car

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Go straight from your wedding onto a road trip with a camper van getaway car! The back can already be backed with all your honeymoon belongings, allowing you to immediately relish in this first step as a married couple.

While some of these ideas way not realistically be capable of taking you to your honeymoon location or even to your hotel, you can at least use them for a cool and dramatic getaway from your wedding. Even if you just drive, bike, or boat out of sight and then jump into your Toyota Camry, it is worth the experience. Find your perfect getaway car and enjoy!

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