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Give Me 5 Minutes and You’ll Be On Your Way to Being a Fit Momma!

Once you become a mom, your child is obviously your first priority and your primary concern. However, this does not mean that you should not be able to take some time for yourself meet your own health needs. Staying fit and active is an important part of maintaining your overall health, and it is also essential for keeping your body in shape and boosting your self-esteem. Just because you are a mommy doesn’t mean that you can’t be fit and attractive!
Granted, it can be difficult to squeeze in workout time when you’re busy taking care of your child, but the key is to steal some workout time when you can and to utilize exercises that are quick, effective, and allow you to get maximum impact in a short amount of time.

Solo Mom Workouts

When you luck up and get a bit of free time to yourself, you can engage in a few solo mom workouts. Perhaps your spouse is taking care of your little one for the time being, or maybe your parents or in-laws have relieved you for the day or a few hours. Regardless of the source of your free time, there are plenty of exercises that moms can engage in on their own that not only help them get an effective workout, but also help them relieve stress.

Power Walk or Elliptical Machine

After all the noise and hectic running around that a baby can cause, you might want some quiet, calm time for yourself. Consider taking a power walk in your neighborhood or tune into your favorite mix on your iPod or phone while you unwind on an elliptical machine.

Swimming or Jogging in Place

You could also consider going swimming, which is not only relaxing and cooling during the summer months, but provides you with a great workout as well. You could jog in place while watching your favorite TV program to fit in a bit of exercise while getting a bit of downtime for yourself as well.

Mommy and Me Workout Routines

Sometimes you simply can’t get away from your child, but that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your workout time. In fact, there are plenty of mommy and me workout routines that you can engage in with your little one.


Dancing with your baby is a great way to get a light workout without having to neglect your little one. Dancing can provide you with a gentle cardiovascular workout, and you can hold your baby while you do this. You can alternate between slow movements and moderately fast ones, and if you want to get even more cardiovascular exercise, you can place your baby in a bouncy seat or swing and dance around him or her to keep your baby engaged and laughing while you get a bit of a workout.

If you have a toddler or younger child, invite them to dance with you! Dance parties are great, and moms know that kids never tire!

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You can workout your core with your baby by doing curls. Simply place your baby either sitting up or in a reclined position just above your pubic bone, and then curl away. Hold onto the side of your baby to stabilize him or her and keep your child from toppling off you. Keep your feet flat while you curl up to not only work your core, but to strengthen your lower back muscles too. Alternatively, you can do what is called the reverse baby curl. To do this, place your baby on your shins and then pull your knees toward your chest.
Not only are you working your core by doing curls, but most likely, your baby’s face will light up when doing this. It doesn’t hurt to make faces at them or make them laugh if they are fussy as well!

Baby Overhead Press

Perform overhead presses with your baby by holding your baby in front of your chest with your elbows bent and then lifting him or her up into the air. Sit cross-legged as your conduct this exercise. Not only will this exercise help you strengthen your arms, upper and middle back, shoulders, triceps, and biceps, but your baby will most likely be delighted with the movements, especially if you talk to your baby and make funny sound effects and you lift him or her upwards.

Quick and Quiet Workouts During Nap Time

All babies and children have to take naps at some point or another, and nap time is a perfect time for mommies to work out a quiet workout. There are plenty of quick workouts that you can fit in while your baby takes a nap.
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Zen Yoga Workout

Yoga is one of the best types of exercise for post prenatal and postpartum mommies, since it helps you regain some of your flexibility and strength. The zen yoga workout is a relatively mild one that simply consists of doing a few planks and then shifting backwards from a planking position to make an upside-down “V” with your body. From there, alternate between the traditional planking position and this upside-down “V” position to stretch and strengthen your muscles in a gentle manner. You can conduct this workout in just 10 minutes, or you can extend it to last as long as 20 or 30 minutes. Or obviously to however long your child naps.

Paper Plate Workout

As its name implies, this workout is done with a paper plate. To begin with, simply place a paper plate on the floor and place one foot on it. Use the paper plate to slide your leg out while bending your knee into a lunging position. Work your leg muscles in all directions by sliding your legs to the 12, 3, and 6 o’clock positions. Then, you can place a hand on the paper plate and slide it out as far as you can while in the planking position to perform a one-handed plank. Finally, address your core by getting on your hands and knees with both hands on the paper plate and reaching outwards to tighten your tummy muscles.
Although a paper plate is not incredibly essential and these exercise can be done without, it makes it a little quieter and adds a unique twist to it!
As you can see, just because you’re a busy mommy doesn’t mean that you can’t still make time for fitness. There are plenty of exercises that you can conduct on your own, with your child and when your child is napping. But there are also fun exercises and activities that you can do with your child as well. Getting your kid active young is a great idea, and the bonding time doesn’t hurt anything either.

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