Gland Double/Single Breastfeeding Pump Product Review

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The Gland Double/Single Breastfeeding Pump is an electric pump.  It recharges in about 90 minutes and can continue working about 1 1/2 hours after it is fully charged.

Let's get right into the specifications.  The dimensions are 4.33 X 1.57 X 4.33 inches for the main unit.  The pump weighs 2.20 pounds.   The cup diameter is 3.14 inches with a bottle capacity of about 5.5 ounces.  It comes with a USB line.  You can charge this pump with a Power Bank, Laptop, or any device that uses a USB port or power adapter.

The Gland Double/Single Breastfeeding Pump is a quiet pump.  It has a big screen display for ease of reading.  The suction power is adjustable.  It is BPA-free.  The soft let-down massage cushion is intended to protect the breast.  Because it is lightweight, it is also portable to travel with.

A nice feature is that other bottles are able to work with this pump.

For cleaning, never wash the pump motor, the silicone tube, the cap, or the power adapter.  It is not necessary to sterilize these parts since they do not come into contact with breast milk.  Those parts can be wiped clean with a soft cloth.

Best Features of The Product 

  • Can Be Used As A Single/Double
  • Easy To Clean
  • Price
Gland Double/Single Electric Breast Pump with LCD Screen, Breast Milk Suction and Breast Massage, Portable Breast Pump with Rechargeable Battery and Backflow Protector, 36 Levels Intensity Adjustable
  • Portable Electric Breast Pump Kit: Compact, lightweight design(only 2.2 pounds), USB charger, can be charged by power bank, computer, perfect for working mother to carry it out for shopping & traveling.
  • 4 Working Modes: Auto/ Stimulation/ Massage/ Expression Modes available. Pump motor works at low noise for breast milk suction and breast massage. What's more, Memory Function can help to record the most comfortable way to breast expression for your future use.
  • 2 Switchable Types: free switch single style to double pumps via the T-cock cube, large LCD screen displayed for night use, with a petal-style massage cushion help you gently stimulate the breast to secrete.

What Customers Who Bought And Used This Pump Had To Say 

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As of this writing there were 18 customer reviews and 13 answered questions.  I've read the reviews, questions, and answers, and then condensed the results.  Sometimes, trying to look through all of the products and read all of the reviews can take a lot of time.  I hope that this makes it easier for you by me going through the reviews and summarizing the results.

Ease of Cleaning

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There were not many comments on the ease of cleaning, though those that did comment, liked that this was an easy pump to clean.  Some double electric pumps can have so many parts that cleaning it can be a real burden.  Here is what one mom said,

"It is comfortable, easy to take apart to clean, and holds the battery charge well if you can't plug it in. I'm extremely happy with my purchase and so glad to get rid of the large, heavy bag I was carrying around before."


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The price of the Gland Double/Single Breastfeeding Pump is right about average for an electric pump.  There are much higher priced pumps and also some lower priced pumps.  


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This pump scored high in the topic of comfort.  One woman summarized what a lot of others were also saying.  She commented,

"This pump is very comfortable to use. The silicone padding on the cup provides a higher level of comfort. It does a great job of simulating a nursing baby. It is fast at it's job and is also very easy to use. Would absolutely purchase again. It does cost more than others, but to me it is worth the price."


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The Gland Double/Single Breastfeeding Pump comes with two bottles that the breast milk can be collected in.  This pump also will fit most standard screw on type of bottles.


The nice thing about this pump is that it can be used as a single or double breast pump. Some women like the efficiency of the double.  One mom had this to say, 

"After using this pump for the first time I can't imagine going back to the Medela. This pump got more milk out in a shorter amount of time and mimics the baby's technique of sucking more accurately. It is a 4 phase system as opposed to Medela's 2 phase and it is a closed system pump. "


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Women now days are on the go much more than women of long ago.  Mom's work outside of the home and are on the move.  Toting a large breast pump around with you is not conducive to having a productive day.  I've found that the topic of portability with breast pumps is a hot topic. 

Here is what one mom had to say about portability,

"This breast pump is great for work!! I don't always work in the office and am out in the field a lot. I have a Spectra 2 pump at work, but it's not portable and must be plugged into an outlet. I used to use a manual pump for when I'm in the field but it's such a hassle pumping one side at a time manually. This pump is super portable and has made it so much easier pumping outside the office. I've been able to pump in the car with ease with this little machine. Although it's not as strong as the Spectra 2, it does the job a lot better than the manual pump and much faster! This pump is such a life saver!"

Another mom commented this about the portability,

"I pump a LOT of milk for 3 kids, but needed something small I could walk freely with. This is great! It fits in a running belt and with hands free bras or Freemies I can do anything while I pump now! Tons of settings, powerful suction, and it remembers the last setting from when you shut it off."

My Conclusion 

If you are looking for a middle of the road priced breast pump that has the capabilities to pump single or double, then you might want to give this one a second look.  Most of the women who have used it were very satisfied with the Gland Double/Single Breastfeeding Pump. I hope that this reviews helps you as you try to purchase the best breast pump for you. 

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