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Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller Product Review

Today I’ll be reviewing the Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller.  This is a tandem (one child sits in the front and one sits in the back) stroller.  I will walk  you through the advantages and disadvantages to this particular double stroller.  

Best Features of The Product 

  • Narrow
  • Good Price
  • Lots Of Leg Room

Item Specifics

double stroller

The Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller can hold two infant car seats. The stroller is set up for the children to ride tandem which means one is in the back and one is in the front. The weight load capacity is 40 pounds for each child.

This stroller can do a standing fold close while only using one hand. No bending is necessary. This is a great feature so that you can hold one baby in your other arm. If you are a super parent, you may even be able to hold two babies in the other arm!  But regardless of how many babies you can hold in one arm, the good thing is that this stroller will close and fold up with you using just one arm.

The Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller features 2 seats that recline individually. Again, this is another great feature because you may have one child that is sleeping and reclining, while one is wide awake and may want to sit up. For parents that have both an infant and a toddler, this is going to be even more of an asset. In general, infants will sleep and recline more often than a toddler.

The canopies are also individually adjustable, which is another great aspect of the Graco Duo Glider Click Stroller.  If you have a sleeping child, you may want to put the canopy down so that they will sleep more soundly in the shade. An awake child may want to look around more and want the canopy pushed back out of the way. The great thing is that you and your child get to decide how each one should have the canopy set.

The Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller drop-down storage baskets let you reach in without disturbing your children. Most parents know not to wake a sleeping child, so this is a feature that is valuable for sure.

Tandem Is Easy To Maneuver Through Tight Spots

double stroller

If you are a parent of two (or more), you are not going to want to complicate matters by using anything but the best in equipment. A stroller that is bulky or hard to maneuver is just not worth it. The Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller has features that will make your life of multiples much easier.

First, with this stroller being set up as a tandem (one child in front and one in back), that means that getting through standard sized doors is not going to be a problem at all. This is a huge asset when one or both children are sleeping. There is no need to wake either one just to get through a door or tight spot. Just continue on into tight places like clothing aisles, subways, and even in and out of your own house in this stroller with ease.

Roomy Leg Room For Both Children

double stroller

A second asset of this stroller is that Graco did not sacrifice on leg room with this stroller. Both seats including the back seat have plenty of leg room. I’d recommend putting the littlest one in the back though if you have multi-aged children. That way the front child can swing their legs out a bit more, and also see more of a view than an infant might require. Wherever you decide to seat your children, you can rest assured that they’ll have plenty of leg room. 

Peek A Boo Window

double stroller

The back seat has a peek a boo window. This makes it nice to keep an eye on the child closest to you while pushing the stroller.  Since most people will be putting the younger child in the back, this makes it easy to keep an eye on your infant without stopping the stroller.

Individual Trays

double stroller

Graco kept an eye on details with this stroller. Each seat has it’s own individual tray. The rear seat has a plain tray. This gives the child in the back something to hold on to, or to put a toy or sippy cup on. The front seat tray just has a cup holder. Both trays can be removed. This is nice for the front seat especially if you have an older child who will be getting in and out frequently at stops. They won’t have to wait for you to remove the tray. They can just climb on board and get off just as easily.


double stroller

Nothing is perfect, so now that I covered the great features of the Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller, I’m going to mention some disadvantages. Keep in mind that not every disadvantage I mention may not be a disadvantage for you and your family. 

#1 Bulkiness 

The stroller is bulky when folded up. But most double strollers are. If you have a truck or SUV, than this may be no problem at all. But, if you have a compact vehicle, you might have issues getting this stroller into your vehicle.

#2 Maneuverability 

Another disadvantage is that the maneuverability can be limited with those 4 front wheels. While it is true that the wheels provide stability, some parents found that they had to sometimes kick the front wheels into place to get it to get going straight. Once the stroller gets moving, it moves well, but tight turns can be tricky.

My Conclusion 

For the price, I feel that you are getting a good double wide stroller by purchasing the Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller. However, if you are wanting a state of the art model and plan to be on the road often with it, you may want to spend more and upgrade to a stroller with better maneuverability. 

I’d like to add that this is not a running stroller. This is not to say that you couldn’t do some slow jogging or fast walking with it. But without a hand brake in place and with 6 small wheels, you may burn more calories trying to maneuver it around than you bargained for. But for walking in the neighborhood or shopping at your grocery store, this may be a perfect stroller for you and your kiddos. The nice thing is that it is narrow enough to fit through standard doors and tight places.

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