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8 Affordable Family Vacations Perfect For This Summer

With Spring already in full gear and Summer just weeks away, it’s a good time to plan some family vacations.  You don’t have to go into debt or travel far to find affordable family vacations.  I’m going to go over some great family vacation ideas for Summer that you can start to plan in today’s article.


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You can never go wrong with choosing camping as your vacation.  Your family can enjoy exploring the great outdoors, and also get fresh air and exercise while camping in the great outdoors.  Find out if there are places to camp near you.  Or you may want to take a road trip to a place that you have wanted to visit.  There are campgrounds all across the country ranging in facilities from full hook ups to primitive camping.

National Parks

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If your family likes nature and wildlife, then you can’t go wrong with going to a national park.  While you are there, you can camp, hike, and take pictures of beautiful landscapes and make memories to last a lifetime.  It can also be a good learning experience for your children as they learn about the history of that area, as well as the animals and plants that live there.  Some national parks might allow your child to become a junior ranger.  This means that they can learn all about the park’s wildlife, history, and geology through fun activities.

The Beach

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A great location for your family’s summer vacation is the beach.  The sand, water, and warm sun will refresh you, as well as your family.  There are many fun activities that your family can do on the beach, such as build a sandcastle, collect shells, have a picnic, or walk along the shore.  There are many beaches in the world, and most likely there is a beach near you.  A beach vacation doesn’t have to be an ocean. It can be a lake or even a pond.  Keep your options open and look for a body of water near you that allows public swimming.

Local Hotel

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To enjoy a vacation, you don’t need to travel far away.  Spending a night or two in a hotel can be a fun adventure for you and your family.  If the hotel has a pool or a nice restaurant, then make sure to check it out.  Even if it is just for one night, make it a night to remember.

A City

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Whether it’s the city you live in or a city that you want to travel to, visiting the museums and shopping at fun stores can always be a fun adventure.  Take some time off to visit different stores, parks, and museums in the city.


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A zoo can be a fun destination place for your family.  In general, kids love animals.  While observing all kinds of different species from around the world,  they will also be learning a lot at the same time.  You may want to check in to a hotel close to the zoo for either the night before or night after the zoo visit, so you don’t spend your zoo day with traveling.

Historical Places

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There are historical places all around the country.  Most certainly you will be able to find one close to where you live.  Contact your local chamber of commerce to get a list of historically significant places in your area.

Local Pool Or Water Park

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A local place that has a body of water for entertainment purposes can be a wonderful place to spend some family time.  Check in to a local pool or waterpark and buy a weekend pass.  You may want to camp or get a hotel room nearby so that you can go back the next day without having to go home between days.  Sometimes just getting away from your house for a few days can be a vacation in itself.

Final Thoughts

I’ve gone over some affordable ways to go on a family vacation that won’t break the bank or require you to travel very far.  I hope that you may find some ideas on this list and also come up with some of your own.  Remember that a family vacation doesn’t have to be extravagant to be fun and relaxing.  Sometimes just getting away from your home and taking a break from chores can be a vacation.  Remember to check out your local chamber of commerce for ideas of places to visit that are in proximity to where you live. Good luck and I hope that you can plan a fun and affordable family vacation!


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