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Great Guest Book Alternatives That Will Wow Your Wedding Guests

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. From special letters to those you love the most to making sure we pick the perfect cake, things don’t get anymore serious and stressful than this. So much planning goes into every single minute detail to make sure everything goes off without a hitch and your big day goes perfectly. Brides and brides’ maids make huge lists and check them twice, to make sure nothing is forgotten. Every detail of the wedding says something about you as a bride, and who you and your mate are as a couple. Therefore, it is imperative that everything reflects what you want it to, as well as who you are – right down to the guestbook. That is why we are putting together this handy list of guest book alternatives to make sure that your guests feel just as special as you are on your wedding day.

What Your Guest Book Means to You and Your Guests

The guest book at a wedding is the place where everyone gets to greet the happy couple on their special day. It can literally be anything you want it to be, from a traditional white “sign-in” style book, to something really quirky that reflects the personalities of the couple getting married, or something unique about the families. Just since there is a place for people to sign their names, it’s all good!

Traditionally, guest books are for well wishers. However, some people use them to make the most important tangible memory of the wedding day, to be preserved long after the last slice of stale cake is gone, the last thank you card has been sent, and the wedding dress has been tucked away for future family brides. So, to that end, you and your mate-to-be should ask yourselves a few questions before you decide what guest book alternatives might be appealing to you. Here are just a few examples of those questions:

  • Are we okay with disposable guest books, or do we want something that can be cherished for years to come?
  • Is there a special memory that most of our guests know about that we could turn into a practical guest book?
  • Will we want to display this guest book in our home?

These are just a few questions you may want to ask yourselves, but only you can answer them. Without further ado, on to our favorite guest book alternatives!

Coasters with Nuggets of Wisdom For Marital Bliss

What newlywed couple doesn’t need a bit of advice from their more seasoned counterparts? After all, keeping the flame alive once you’ve left the honeymoon suite in the dust is of the utmost importance. So, to that end, some great guestbook alternatives are these advice coasters, where guests write endearing words of wisdom for a happy future together. Definitely something that can be kept and cherished, and will be a continued helping hand for many years to come as well.

Shadowbox Full of Love

This is an idea for guest book alternatives that is filled with endless creativity. You can get a shadowbox from almost any crafts dealer, and they come in endless varieties. If you or your mate-to-be is crafty, you could even make it yourself. Just get some durable material to cut into hearts, or some wine corks, or anything you want, really, and have your guests sign them and drop them into the shadowbox. And, oh yeah – this will make a great display in your first home or apartment if you plan things so it matches your decor. Enjoy!

Game Boards Full of Memories

Before the wedding, there was dating, right? If your circle of couples friends had regular game nights, a couple of game boards with your favorite games could make great guest book alternatives. Get an old Clue or Monopoly board and have your guests sign it. There might be even room for short, memorable anecdotes from all those couples’ nights! And, of course, it goes without saying that this is one game board you’ll never want to throw away.

Message in a Bottle, Date Night Style

Got any vintage wine bottles lying around? They can make for the perfect guest book alternatives at your wedding. Provide parchment paper, felt pens, and the bottles, and you can have your guests leave little notes containing newlywed date night ideas. After all, you went on dates when you were dating, right? You’ll definitely need something to do once you’ve tied the knot!

Also, if it isn’t date night ideas you want, but perhaps something a little more sentimental, you can have your upcoming anniversary years printed on the bottles, and have the guests leave notes for you to read on those days. No peeking!

The Bottom Line

Your guest book is just as important as any other wedding detail. It very well may be what gives all of your closest friends and family members the most enduring memories of your special day. There are many wonderful guest book alternatives out there, and all of them can be uniquely tailored to the couple they are representing. The important thing is that you are happy with whatever guest book alternatives you choose – and, more importantly with the wedding itself and beyond.

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