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5 Shoe Membership Clubs You Won’t Want To Miss Out On

If you like shoes and aren’t involved with a show membership club, you may just want to listen up.  Shoe clubs are a trendy topic in the fashion world.  There are several shoe club memberships to choose from.  Because all of the clubs basically work the same, they are very similar, but they do have different price points.  I’ll go over the details below.

The Basics to Know about Shoe Membership Clubs

shoe membership club

When you become a member of a shoe membership club, you begin by taking a short survey.  The survey is designed to identify your tastes in shoe styles.  However, some critics are not so sure that they actually do individualize your choices.  At the beginning of each month, you will be given the option of selecting from preselected shoes that reflect your tastes, as identified in the survey you took.  Then, you select your shoe, and it’s shipped to you.  Most shoe membership clubs offer free shipping.  Furthermore, if you don’t find a shoe that you like that month, or if you just want to skip a month, you are given a window of time to decline participation for that month.

Different Kinds of Shoe Membership Clubs

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Though all shoe clubs are basically the same, there are some minor differences in the kinds of shoes that are offered.  Because the prices do vary from club to club, each one attracts a different client base.  eShoeClub, for example, offers bargain shoes.  They offer two pairs of shoes for $29.95.  On the other end of the spectrum is ShoeMint that offers shoes at a higher price point of $79.98.  Furthermore, in between these monthly prices are Shoedazzle, Just Fabulous, and Sole Society Inc.  I’ll go over these Shoe Membership Clubs briefly below.

Tips for Getting The Most Out of A Shoe Club

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Now that you’ve decided to join a shoe club or may still be deciding, I’m going to give you a couple of tips to get the most out of your experience.

  1.  Use credits before they expire.  If you don’t make a purchase at the beginning of the month and also forget to skip that month, you will still be charged a fee.  Hence, a credit will be added to your account.  Most use this type of system except for Sole Society.  Therefore, you will need to remember to skip if you choose not to buy that month.  These credits will expire at some point, so you will want to make use of them before they do. Most Shoe Membership Club credits expire after 12 months.
  2. Keep an eye on the social media sites for your shoe club.  They often have promotions and sales that you may not be made aware of.  Most shoe clubs will allow you to purchase shoes outside of what was preselected for you.  So you won’t want to miss those opportunities.

Shoe Membership Clubs to Check Out

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With eShoeClub, members pay $29.95 per month for two pairs of shoes with free shipping.  This shoe membership club is considered a bargain basement shoe club.  Not only does it have one of the lowest monthly fees, but you also get two shoes for this price.  eShoeClub is one of the most popular shoe membership clubs on the market.


This is another one of the more popular shoe membership clubs.  This club has deals on heels, pumps, sandals, and boots.  Kim Kardashian founded this shoe membership club.  It was the very first shoe club of its kind.  With this club, you will get access to buying a variety of stylish shoes.


This Shoe Membership Club offers a VIP membership exclusive which means you will get to buy 1 and get 1 free. Members will get two pairs of self-selected shoes for $39.95.  With JustFab you can also gain access to discounted purses, handbags, jewelry, and accessories.


ShoeMint is one of the newer shoe membership clubs. However, it has been around since November of 2011.  This shoe membership club works with Steve Madden.  Madden is the creative director of Rachel Bilson and Style Expert Nicole Chavez.  ShoeMint Membership is $79.98 per month with free shipping to the United States.  They also offer to ship to Canada. However, Canadians must pay to ship.

Sole Society

Sole Society began in March of 2011 by fashion icon HauteLook.  With this Shoe membership club, a member will pay $49.95 per item.  Because this shoe club is a middle of the road club as far as pricing is concerned, it has a wide fan base.

Final Thoughts

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Shoe membership clubs are one of the hottest trends for shoe lovers.  Because companies can customize the types of shoes by the styles you like, they can introduce you to a wide selection of shoes you would like that are already on the market.   For some, this is truly a shoe lover’s dream come true.   For others, it’s a shoe addicts worst, yet best nightmare.  Whichever type you are, if you like shoes and choose to become a member of a shoe membership club, make sure to keep up to date on sales and promotions that may not be shared directly with you.  It helps to keep up with the company’s social media sites so that you don’t miss anything. Happy shoe shopping!

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