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Put Your Man to Work! Wedding Tasks the Groom Can Handle

The man who is currently your fiancé will soon become your husband, the leader of your home. Don’t rob him of the opportunity to practice being a wise and responsible leader or of the satisfaction of helping out with the wedding planning process. While he may not enjoy selecting floral arrangements and choosing a color palette may not be part of his forte, there are many tasks of which your man is more than capable.

1) Book the venue

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Even though you as the bride were probably more involved in selecting the venue than your groom, give him the task of actually booking the venue. It’s very simple, particularly if you already selected the date of your wedding. Let him gather all the pertinent information about the venue so that you can prepare properly. After he does all his research, make sure he has found out about total cost, additional fees, catering, timing, and more. If he runs into difficulties, allow him to field the problems and see to their resolution.

2) Line up the officiant

Similar to the booking of the venue, let your groom do the leg work when lining up the officiant for your wedding. The decision of who to have as the officiant should be a joint one, one on which you can both agree. The predetermined identity of the officiant makes the process of actually booking the officiant fairly easy for your man. He only has to get the contact information of that individual and line up the date.

3) Plan the honeymoon

Planning the honeymoon is one of the tasks that naturally falls to the groom. He traditionally plans, pays, and sets up this aspect of your wedding. Even if the two of you are an unconventional couple — maybe you’re both contributing to the cost or determining the location — allow your future husband to take leadership. Let him work out the details of travel, shelter, food, and other accommodations.

4) Register

Don’t select your wedding registry alone! While it may be tempting to set up a registry at your favorite store and fill it with a bunch of dishware, towels, and appliances that you like, your groom should be involved in this process. Don’t assume that he doesn’t care about the color of your bed sheets or the brand of your electric mixer. He may surprise you with all his helpful input. Besides, visiting a store armed with a registry gun can be a fun and relaxing date for the two of you amidst the chaos of wedding planning.

5) Choose the wedding cake

This task is just as necessary whether or not you are planning on having a traditional cake at your wedding. Even if you are having cupcakes, donuts, or pies instead of cake, allow your groom to help you make decisions regarding flavor, size, and presentation. Incorporating both of your tastes into the wedding dessert is a good way to illustrate your individual differences but ultimate unity. Also, as with selecting your registry, taste testing different desserts is a delicious and entertaining event which you should enjoy in the company of your man.

6) Create a playlist

Even if the two of you have vastly different musical tastes, your wedding playlist should reflect and celebrate those differences. You can provide your groom with a list of a couple of the songs you hoped to incorporate in your wedding. The two of you can discuss the more important songs, such as for the first dance, father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, processional, and recessional. But give him the challenge of selecting the tunes for the moments that receive less attention. Moments such as when guests arrive, eat appetizers, and even general dancing all need background music. Let your groom play DJ for a while.

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7) Get the marriage license

An essential task but one which can easily slip your mind, ask your groom to acquire the marriage license for your big day. Let him figure out where to find such a document and research all the necessary paperwork. The process takes several days, so make sure he is aware of the importance of completing this task in a timely fashion.

Your man is more capable of assisting in wedding planning that you may initially realize. Shorten your list of tasks by giving some duties to your fiancé! He will enjoy being involved in the process of planning your big day and will even be a better fit for some of the responsibilities than you. You and your groom are soon to become one and you will share everything. Practice while wedding planning by sharing the stress!

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