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10 Manly Ways to Ask Your Friends to be Your Groomsmen

Groomsmen are usually the no-nonsense type. They don’t need thoughtful cards or cutesy groomsmen attire. Their list of responsibilities is significantly shorter than that of the bridesmaids. They want to stand by you on your big day, and to celebrate the conclusion of your single years beforehand. For their efforts and as an act of appreciation for their friendship, ask your closest friends to be your groomsmen in a meaningful way while maintaining your manhood.

1. Cigars

While many modern women now enjoy a good smoke, cigars are very strongly connoted with masculinity. They also symbolize both celebration and stress (did you know fathers used to smoke cigars out in the waiting room as their wives gave birth?) Anyway, your groomsmen will definitely put this form of request to use.

2. Alcohol

alcohol groomsmen gift

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Another proposal that will have your friends jumping to say yes is a customized bottle of their favorite form of alcohol. Purchase a separate bottle for each groomsmen in their preferred variety. Customization could come in the form of a piece of paper taped to the bottle or in engraving with an official invitation. Be sure to include the date of the wedding so they can clear their schedules accordingly. This bottle will double as a keepsake, a symbol of your wedding and friendship. For personalized mugs, flasks, and more groomsmen gifts, click here.

3. Aftershave

aftershave groomsmen proposal

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Another very manly option is aftershave. Similarly to the alcohol, you can personalize each bottle with the names of your groomsmen or with the date of the wedding.

4. Manual

tie manual groomsman

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You might not even have to directly ask the question. During a discussion about the wedding, you could hand your mates a manual like the above on how to tie a tie. A simple, several page manual or booklet will suffice and you can reuse the same one for all of your groomsmen.

5. Humorous Card

funny groomsmen proposal card

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There’s nothing like humor to make a serious situation instantly more light-hearted. Even though a wedding is a big deal and those you choose to make a part of your wedding party should be honored, using humor to ask them will make your friends comfortable and ensure an instant yes.

6. Blame the Fiancée

groomsmen card

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Most of the wedding responsibilities typically fall in the lap of the soon-to-be bride. Females usually have dreamed about their weddings since they were little girls and they want every detail to be just perfect. These dreams make the fiancée an easy target, particularly for the groom looking to be more manly than sentimental when he proposes to his friends.

7. Bro Date Night

groomsmen date night

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Instead of a gift, ask your bros to be your groomsmen by spending some quality time with them. Life only gets busier over time and it becomes difficult to find time for everyone to get together. Discussion about the wedding is sure to come up, and you can naturally pop the question then.

8. Buy the Tux

While being asked to be a groomsman is an honor, it is not cheap. Simply renting the suit, tie, shoes, and more can add up. Surprise your friends and relieve some of the financial stress by offering to pay for the rental of the tuxedo or suit. They will not have to worry about the money and will be able to focus on supporting you.

9. Suit and Tie… and Socks

socks for groomsmen proposal

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Even if you can’t afford to purchase your groomsmen’s complete wedding day attire, providing them with some aspect of their getup is a thoughtful  way to request their companionship on your big day. You could purchase their tie, bow tie, suspenders, or socks. This also ensures that they wear exactly the correct color or pattern you desire for the wedding.


10. Romantic

romantic groomsmen proposal

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Since men are typically recognized as the less romantic of the sexes, you can play with this societal norm for a funny groomsmen proposal. Make the proposal extremely serious and romantic. Send each of your pals a single red rose with a formal card.

In the end, you know your friends and what type of groomsmen proposal they would like. If your pals like puns and quirky sayings, incorporate them into your request. If your mates are less in touch with their emotions, small but meaningful gifts will be appropriate. Either way, take this opportunity to bless your friends and to let them know how much you appreciate their friendship when you ask them to be your groomsmen. You already got the girl, now go get your men!

To further spark your thoughts or to buy the supplies for the perfect groomsmen proposals, click here.

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