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How To Get Naturally Longer Eyelashes By Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is supposed to be a day of perfection, a day for you to be a fairytale princess that you always dreamed of. But lets face it, how can we put our best face forward if we aren’t confident with how we look? Our eyes are the window to our soul and they are encircled with beautiful lashes. But what happens when those beautiful lashes aren’t living up to their best standard? How can you get thinker and fuller lashes for your big day without having to use those annoying fake lashes? Find out here!


Also known as vitamin B7, this doesn’t just aid in your hair, skin, and nails, this also aids in your metabolism as a coenzyme that converts what you eat into energy. So this will make your hair shiny, your skin look young and fresh, your nails to be long, and aid in your digestive system! What a pill! This method of helping with growing longer lashes can take a while, so make sure you start this method at least six months before! As always, consult with your doctor before you take any sort of supplement!

Condition Your Lashes

Conditioning your lashes is the same as conditioning your hair. You must have hydrated and healthy lashes for them grow, help them out a little by finding the product that works best for you! Petroleum jelly, Keratin, and Castor Oil work! Or make your own DIY concoction like in the video listed below!


The type of mascara that you are using may be a culprit in the fact that it isn’t helping you put your best face forward. Be sure to that your mascara is fresh and does not have clumps. Clumps can make your lashes look as though your don’t have a sufficient amount or that you have gaps in your lash line.

Baby Powder

After one coat of mascara, place baby powder on your “wet” lashes with a cotton swab, and then place another coat of mascara on. This gives you the appearance of having false lashes without actually having false lashes.


Eyeliner can really aid you in looking as if you have a thicker lash line if you line your lashes properly with the correct color. If you have dark hair and dark lashes, you should use a darker colored liner. If you have lighter lashes, you should use a lighter colored liner. Be sure to find a liner that is easily applicable and long lasting as you don’t want to pull too much on your lashes or your eyelid.

Eyelash Curler

Be sure that you eyelash curler is clean and the pads are fresh. Using old pads that dry rot can leave spaces that will pull your lashes. You’re trying to make them fuller and longer, not make them fall out! You can also try warming the eyelash curler up by using a hair dryer or placing it under hot water (be sure to dry it off before using if using the water method), also be sure that you don’t heat the curler too much to where it will burn you or your eyelashes. Test it on the back of your hand before using on your lashes!

Now that you have finally found these tricks on how to grow longer and stronger lashes for your big day, you can put your best face forward! The windows to your soul have beautiful and lengthy lashes to encompass all of your guests. You will surely get comments about how beautiful you look all around, but now your lashes can naturally contribute to your best face! Happy planning!


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