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Get Them Digits (and Other Wedding Guest Contact Information)

You did it. You’ve made difficult decisions and narrowed down the exclusive guest list. You’ve selected or created wedding invitations. You’re ready to send them out. Now all you need is the contact information of your wedding guests. Don’t allow this step to become an annoying task! Resist the temptation to shoot your friend’s a quick text or to ask your mother to hunt down the mothers of all your guests. Turn the journey to find this information into an enjoyable one! Allow your engagement party, bridal shower, bachelor party, and other wedding festivities to double as a contact information acquiring events.

Recipe cards

wedding recipe cards

Step 1: find cute cards that will fit in a recipe box you already have or are going to get.
Step 2: ask people attending your event to come prepared with a favorite recipe.
Step 3: have everyone write their recipe on one side of the card and their name and contact information on the other side.
Step 4: congrats, you successfully secured the digits and have many delicious recipes to test out on your new hubby!


Whether they realize it or not, young married couples need all the advice they can get. Recognize and appreciate the wisdom of your wedding guests by asking them for advice! Again, find high-quality cards that you can later store in a jar, scrapbook, or box. Ask your friends to fill out the front with marriage advice and the back with their contact information.

Date ideas

After marriage, you and your spouse will need to find ways to keep the love alive. Continuing to date your spouse even after exchanging your I do’s keeps your relationship fun and romantic. Aside from advice about married life, experience has blessed your friends and family with a large breadth of ideas for potential dates. Ask them to suggest a date and sign their idea with their information.

Photo booth

It is quite difficult to dislike a good photo booth. With the right props, backdrop, and camera, guests young and old will enjoy this activity at your pre-wedding event. Set up the booth to print at least two pictures. Allow your guests to take one with them and ask them to leave the other copy… with their contact information handily on the back.

Song requests

One of the biggest struggles and hopes of the betrothed couple is ensuring that each of their guests are comfortable and entertained throughout their big day. Getting guests involved in the ceremony and reception increase the chances that they will feel welcome and valued. Prompt your guests to send in song requests (along with their addresses) for your big day. You may be able to use them for everything from your precessional to your dance party.


Your guests will be honored to receive an invitation to your wedding. You should not feel obligated to give them gifts that only drive up wedding expenses. One larger, more exciting gift would be more appropriate and desirable for your guests than all the wedding favors in the world. Let your guests know that you are holding a raffle, and have them submit their names and numbers/addresses into the drawing by sending them to you! Select a gift that guests will actually want enough to put forth the effort to send in their information. Announce the winner and hand out the prize on your big day!

Knowing the contact information of your guests is completely essential for your wedding. You will need home addresses, emails, and phone numbers in order to send out save-the-dates, invitations, thank yous and to let your guests know about any changes or to ensure their attendance. Make this required task more fun and serve a dual purpose with these cute ideas!

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