The Ultimate Guide To Common Growth Spurts In Babies and How To Be Prepared

growth spurts

You may have heard people say that your child is growing like a weed.  This is partly very true. Weeds take on growth spurts under the right conditions that usually include sun, warmth, and plenty of moisture.  Children also achieve growth spurts instead of growing at a steady rate. I’m going to go over some of the most common growth spurts that children go through so that you can be prepared.

When Do Growth Spurts Occur?

growth spurts

The most common growth spurts happen at the following ages: 1-3 weeks, 4-6 weeks, three months, six months, and nine months.  During these times you may notice sudden changes in growth.

Signs To Look For

growth spurts

You may be able to tell that your child is going through a growth spurt by observing the following signs:

  1. Increased appetite – If you are breastfeeding, it may seem like your baby wants to nurse all day and night. It will be important that you allow your baby to nurse when hungry.  The growth spurt that they are going through will take a lot of extra nutrition and calories. You will most likely notice your body respond by seeing an increase in milk production.
  2. Change in sleep patterns – Your child may wake more frequently to feed.  Or your child may sleep more often.  If you are noticing a change in sleeping patterns, there is a good chance that your child is going through a growth spurt.
  3. Increase in waste production – Your baby may be filling the diaper more often or if potty trained going more frequently and in greater volume.  This all has to due to an increase in food intake. What goes in must come out.
  4. Crankiness – It is common for children who are going through growth spurts to be cranky.  A lot is going on in their little bodies, that I too would be cranky if it were me.  Try to show patience and compassion.  This also shall soon pass.
  5. Clinginess – Babies who go through growth spurts may want to be held all of the time. This can lead to a tired mom.  Try to think of ways to satisfy your baby’s desire to be with you, without sacrificing your stamina. This is when a baby carrier or stroller may come in handy.

Are Growth Spurts Normal? Do I Need to Make a Doctor Appointment?

growth spurts

As long as your baby doesn’t go more than a few days with major disturbances such as sleep issues, you will not need to go to a doctor.  However, if your baby has stopped eating, or cries continuously and often wakes at night, it is a good idea to get your baby checked out by a professional.


Growth spurts most often happen in babies at 1-3 weeks, 4-6 weeks, three months, six months and nine months.  During these times, your babies body is going through a lot of changes as he or she grows.  You may notice a change in behavior such as frequent eating, change in sleep, waste production patterns, crankiness, and clinginess.  Try to remember that this growth spurt should only last a few days until the next spurt hits. You can get through this, and your growing baby will be no worse for the wear!


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