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From Sexy to Simple: Hair Accessories for Every Type of Bride

Your wedding is your big day. It’s your chance to be the center of attention, to get pampered beyond compare, and to do something a little special. Don’t leave your hair out of the equation! Elevate your already beautiful look to the next level with hair accessories! Scroll below for the perfect accessories for your bridal personality. Use these examples to simply spark your thoughts or actually purchase them for your big day (click on the image for purchasing information).

The Natural Bride:

wedding hair accessories

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Feathers come from birds, and birds are an aspect of nature. So the logical conclusion is that a natural bride should wear a feather in her hair for her big day! It is delicate and simple, yet unusual. It forsakes the typical rhinestones, pearls, and other flashy gems in exchange for a solid color. With the option of both silver and gold, you can easily implement this hair accessory into your wedding day look.

The Whimsical Bride:

wedding hair accessories

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Playfully quaint or lightly fanciful. No, that’s not the description of this hair accessory, even though it could be. It’s the definition of whimsical! This hair accessory is the definition of whimsical, and can be arranged a variety of ways in your hair on your big day.

The Romantic Bride:

wedding hair accessories

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A wedding is a romantic occasion, so romantic brides really can’t go wrong. But they can take the steps to make their wedding day look as romantic as possible. Complete your wispy hair style with this beautiful hair band. The branches, leaves, and flowers create a natural base that is turned up a notch with crystals, pearls, and the silver color.

The Boho Bride:

wedding hair accessories

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With this hair accessory, you won’t even need to style your hair! Keep the hair smooth and straight or slightly wavy. Let it lay down or in a low bun. Imagine this hair necklace with a bohemian dress — sleek, thin, and loose — and you’ve got the perfect boho look.

The Showy Bride:

wedding hair accessories

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Let your hair do the talking with these bright red flowers! Big, brilliantly bright, and beautiful, these flowers will make you stand out from the crowd. There will be no question of who the bride is. Match your bouquet to this hair accessory for a showy look that maintains aesthetic appeal.

The Simple Bride:

wedding hair accessories

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You are one of those brides who doesn’t want all the attention to be on her. The thought of bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and wedding itself sound shivers down your spine as you think about all the people that will be looking at you as you unwrap gifts, play games, and exchange vows. For an understated accessory to match your reserved personality, try this hair accessory option! A small yet beautiful addition to your bridal hair look, this accessory may give you just the dose of confidence you need to get through the wedding day festivities.

The Sexy Bride:

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The first step to being a sexy bride is having confidence. One action that can aid in boosting that confidence is selecting a wedding day look that makes you feel beautiful. These hair accessories will help aid in achieving not only a gorgeous look, but a confidence heart.

The Straightforward Bride:

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The ceremony is scheduled for exactly 2:45 p.m. The reception will start at 4:15 p.m. on the dot. You will cut the cake at 7:00 p.m. and dance with your parents at 7:25 p.m. You like to be able to count on schedules, times, and constants. And what more constant that the geometric shape of this hair accessory! You can choose between a triangle or oval in gold or silver.

The Youthful Bride:

wedding hair accessories

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Were butterflies one of your favorite animals as a little girl? Did you own at least one backpack, purse, or shirt completely covered in this beautiful creature? Were you guilty of catching butterflies and trying to keep them as pets? Give your childhood obsession a mature transformation by pinning several gold varieties in your hair for the big day.

The Vintage Bride:

wedding hair accessories

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Vintage = lace… at least when it comes to weddings. Give your up-do or down-do another dose of vintage appeal with this simple, yet effective hair accessory. The thickness of the band complements the neutral color for a beautiful combination.

No matter what type of bride you are and what type of look you are going for, there is a hair accessory for you! Allow these hair accessories to elevate your wedding day look! Click on the images to purchase them for your very own.


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