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A Few Handy Tips On How To Get Rust Out Of Clothes

Nobody likes stained and ruined clothes. One thing that can ruin your favorite outfit more quickly and completely than anything else is rust. Perhaps you leaned up against a rusty porch railing, or a friend’s old car that is being restored. Whatever the cause, rust can quickly and securely attach itself to your clothing and stay there. You might look down at yourself in dismay, wondering what to do. But, fear not – a little rust does not necessarily mean that your beautiful white top is ruined. There are many things you can do to salvage the situation, so we are going to give you a few handy tips on how to get the rust out of clothes.


1. Targeted Laundry Products

There are some laundry products that are specifically designed to remove difficult stains such as rust. However, many of these products can be harsh and toxic and can be especially difficult to use when it comes to additional difficulties such as having sensitive skin or having children in the house. Hence, caution should be used.

One such stain remover is Whink Rust Stain Remover. When it comes to guiding people on how to get the rust out of clothes, there can be no better solution. Whink is a tough stain remover that will remove rust from almost any garment, and help save your favorite outfit in a real fix.

2. Natural Solutions

There are many alternatives to using harsh laundry products when it comes to how to get rust out of clothes. One such solution is using salt and lemon juice. These are items commonly found in almost any household cupboard.

In order use salt and lemon juice as one of your methods on how to get rust out of clothes, mix a bit of both items, put it on the stain, and simply let it sit. This works even better if the stain soaks in the mixture while in the sun. The soaking should take place for at least half an hour. After that, put the soaked garment into the washing machine, and watch the stain lift like magic. For an extra bonus, make sure you have a great-smelling detergent in the mix, to make sure your laundry not only looks great but smells great as well.




3. Vinegar

Vinegar is used for many things. Stain removal is yet another. When it comes to how to get rust out of clothes, a little white vinegar can be your best friend. Just grab that bottle of regular white vinegar that is sitting in your cabinet, add some salt, and put the mixture on the stain. Just like with the salt and lemon juice mixture, let the stain sit in the sun with the mixture on it. Then, depending on the type of garment and its fabric, put it into the washing machine, using the setting for the highest possible temperature that can be used safely. After that, you are well on your way to saving that gorgeous outfit from the unfortunate rust stain.


4. Borax 12-Mule Team

Borax is an all-purpose cleaner. It can be used on floors, in tough to clean bathrooms, and, yes, on clothes. Borax can go right into the washing machine with your regular laundry detergent and anything you might add to your wash. There are many things you need to have in your house for cleaning, but I personally believe this particular product should always make the list when you go shopping for cleaning supplies.

The thing is, though, Borax does not just remove rust stains. It softens hard water, it whitens whites and keeps away annoying and irritating soap residue from clothing in the washing machine. Borax can even keep the pH of your clothing natural! This is a great product, whether you are trying to figure out how to get rust out of clothes or not. I personally consider Borax to be a product that should be a staple in any home.



The Bottom Line

Rust stains happen. Stains happen. We give many adulting hacks on this website. Many of those hacks are aimed at moms. Part of being a mom – or even a human being not living in a completely isolated and sterile environment – is stains. Stains happen. However, we pay a lot for our clothes, and it is imperative that we preserve them. Even beyond the cost, we put a lot of time and effort into finding outfits that look great on us. The last thing anyone wants is to have them ruined by rust stains.

However, we firmly believe that following the tips above will keep your wardrobe in tip-top shape – even if you have the unfortunate mishap of having them sullied by rust stains.

So, to that end, go forth armed with this information, and look fabulous and rust stain free every day!

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