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No Hangover Kit Is Complete Without These Items!

No matter if it is alcohol-induced or not, everyone is bound to have some sort of wedding hangover. The festivities usually stretch late into the hours of the night and even early into the hours of the morning. The day produces feelings of joyful excitement and sentimental sadness. There is dancing, laughing, crying, eating, and perhaps drinking. A hangover is inevitable. Give your guests and yourself some assistance in recovering with a hangover kit!

1. Pain reliever

…for the headache harsh enough to convince you never to drink again.

2. Bottle of water

…for your first sip of something that won’t make you moon Grandma June or sing on top of the table.

3. Protein bar

…for nourishment that packs a punch without taking effort to prepare.

4. Gum

…for a sweet relief that combats the grainy aftertaste refusing to leave your mouth.

5. Mouthwash

…to appease residual booze breath and encourage your significant other to kiss you again.

6. Mints

…for a refreshing remedy for your breath that is also tasty.

7. Chapstick

…for a boost of moisture for your dried out lips.

8. Sunglasses

…to hide tired eyes from lack of sleep.

9. Eye mask

…to allow you to sleep in even as the sun raises high into the sky.

10. Bandaids

…for blistered feet from all the dancing in those uncomfortable (but so beautiful) shoes.

11. Hand sanitizer

…to cleanse at least one part of your body.

12. Ginger ale

…for a carbonated combat to nausea.

13. Instant coffee

…to help wake you out of your restless slumber.

14. Tea bag

…for a more refined beverage that won’t give you an unwanted caffeine high.

15. Chocolate

…because when is chocolate not appropriate?

Throw some combination of these items in a simple drawstring bag, first aid-style bag, or basket. Personalize it with a stamp or sharpie — write “Hangover Kit” in large letters, perhaps with your names and the date of your wedding. Customize each item with stickers like the one hangover kit

wedding hangover kit

Put these kits together for your guests, or at least your wedding party. Hangover kits can serve as wedding favors or supplement the ones you already have. And don’t forget to make an extra for you and your spouse. Extremely happy but extremely exhausted, a hangover kit will give you enough energy to enjoy your honeymoon. You will be grateful for it when you wake up in the morning for the first time as a married couple!

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