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Happy Bridesmaids Makes For A Happy Bride!

Attention brides!!! Do you want to be the best dang bride ever? Don’t worry, you are an awesome bride! But what I meant, do you want to seem like the coolest bride to your maids? Easy-going and not a bridezilla? Consider these points and you’ll be just that; The coolest and best bride ever!



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Ask them what they would like to wear.  You, as the bride, ultimately has a say over what they wear, but it doesn’t hurt to get their opinion. Getting their opinion not only lets them know that their thoughts matter, but this could also help you with picking out dresses.

Your bridesmaids know their body shape and style better than anyone, you wouldn’t want to put them in a dress that doesn’t fit them properly. In asking them, you may even find styles that work better for you and them!

Spend Time With Them

Spend time with them? When you give them a task and ask them to complete something for you, hang out with them while they work on it. Help them out the best that you can with the tasks that you have given them.

This shows them that you are not only thankful for their help but you aren’t above helping them the and guiding them in what to do.


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Ask Them Their Opinion

Just like asking them about the attire, ask their opinion on other things as well. Your bridesmaids may have different tastes or styles from you, but they may suggest something that you wouldn’t expect.

On the other hand, they may tell you exactly what you need to hear. Going into the whole bridesmaids stint you know that you’re going to have to tell the “truth” at some point. But be prepared for them to be honest with you. You’ll may be thankful for some of their honesty later on when your wedding photos are returned to you!

Keep Their Price Reasonable

Your bridesmaids will understand that they will need to spend money at some point, but they aren’t going to have a gold mine to hand over to you. Remember that they have bills to pay too and that they may not be able to afford hundreds of dollars.


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If you are aware of their price range, either let them know up front what the prices are and reassure them that you’ll make up the difference for the item(s) that you are requesting that they have or give them time to save.

Remember That They Have a Life

They aren’t your wedding hotline. They won’t be available all hours of the day or night to help you with your crisis. Just remember that they have a life outside of your wedding planning and may not be at your beck and call all hours of the day.

Make “Wedding” a Bad Word

Designate days to your girls that are anti-wedding days. These days can consist of having them over for lunch or dinner or a movie night without any talk of weddings! Let them know that you love them for more than just their wedding planning skills.



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Accepting them for who they are… You’re probably thinking that you already have, but what I mean is, accept them for what they bring to the table for your wedding. If one of your bridesmaids has a full time job and two kids and a husband, she may not be able to do as much as the others if they don’t have a husband and kids.

Accepting that they have lives outside of you is a great start. Giving them jobs that are easily completed and do-able with their schedule is not only nice and polite to them, but it will take the stress off of you worrying if they will complete their given task in time.


Wedding planning can leave you stressed, uptight, and annoyed with the smallest things, especially if you may not have the support that you need. To get the support that you need, you need to support your bridesmaids. Give a little, get a little. Use these tips to keep you and your bridesmaids happy throughout wedding planning and you won’t have any issues. Keep calm and happy planning!

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