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Happy Feet Means a Happy You On Your Wedding Day

You do not need to wear 6 inch heels with your wedding dress, or have your bridesmaids where heels the whole wedding.  Although heels are classy, so are many other nontraditional shoes that are more casual.  There is a pair of casual shoes for every wedding venue and bridal party.  Do your feet a favor and the rest of the bridal party a favor too.  Also, many of the shoes listed below can be worn again, which is always a plus.


Nothing says comfortable like a classic pair of Sperry’s.  They are a perfect shoe for a wedding by the bay, outdoors, indoors, or at the beach.  Sperry’s are neutral so they match every style and will look great not just on you and your groom but also on your wedding party.  Not to mention Sperry’s are one of the most comfortable boat shoe out there and they match any color scheme.


Vans are a great way to personalize your wedding day.  They are comfortable and very stylish.  You can get custom designs on your Vans or you can go with the traditional colors.  If you are going to dance the night away vans are a great choice for the comfort of your feet.  Also, Vans can be worn again so you do not have to break the bank for shoes you will never wear again.

Barefoot Sandal

Barefoot wedding sandals have just started to become popular.  They are an elegant touch to your feet if you do not want to wear shoes on your wedding day.  These half sandals come in many different styles including lace, jeweled, beads, and flowers.  I would recommend you wear the barefoot sandals if you are having a beach wedding or maybe even an outdoors wedding.  They are especially suited for beach weddings because with these barefoot sandals you do not have to worry about sand in your shoes.  Not only are they comfortable but they are also cute.  Your bridesmaids can definitely rock the bohemian style sandals also.


Converse by Chuck Taylor are a classic shoe that has never gone out of style.  If you want to add a pop of color to your wedding day outfit converses are the perfect fit for you.  Also, when you are dancing the night away you do not have to worry about aching feet.  Converses will also make your bridesmaids happy because they are re-wearable and are comfy.  These shoes add a pop of color and are comfortable making for the perfect wedding party shoe.  Also, if you want to change it up the bride and groom can wear a different color then the rest of the wedding party.


Toms are elegant and comfortable.  You just have to make sure that you break in your toms before you wear them on the wedding day.  Toms are a little more elegant and dressy compared to the other shoes above.  They are a great way to add your personality to your wedding.   I know from experience that they are super comfortable and cute because for my sisters wedding all the bridesmaids and my sister, the bride, wore Tom’s.  Also, not only are the cute and you can wear them again but they help to provide another pair of shoes for someone in need around the world.


No matter what shoes you choose to wear on your wedding day just make sure to think of your personal style and how comfortable they will be.  Vans, Tom’s, Converse, Barefoot Sandals, and Sperry’s are all great choices to wear on your big day.

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