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Heartfelt Ways to Incorporate Lost Loved Ones in Your Wedding Day

Remembering lost loved ones is a terrible heartache, especially during your wedding because you wish that they could be there with you to celebrate this happy time. However, honoring your lost loved ones in your wedding can bring peace to you and is not only completely appropriate, but is also warmly welcomed by guests and family.
After a little research, we discovered that there are many different and creative ways that you can incorporate the memories of your loved ones into your special day. If you are considering doing this for someone whom you care deeply about, consider some of the suggestions below to still include those people on your big day.

1. Heirloom Jewelry

Having either the bride or groom wear jewelry that belonged to a lost loved one like a hair pin, a necklace, a tie pin, or cuff links, can be a touching, not to mention beautiful, reminder of their memory. It can help you and others feel like they are close at this special time, and can bring you peace to help calm your nerves.

2. In Loving Memory Photograph

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Displaying a beautiful photograph of your loved one next to a memorial plaque listing their name, their birth and death dates, with a sentiment of memory and love can make you feel like your lost loved ones are there at your wedding. This is especially touching to reserve a seat with your loved one’s picture at the wedding ceremony or at your reception on a prominent table.

3. Song

If there was a specific song that you associate with your loved one, it’s a great idea to play the song for your father-daughter dance, couple’s first dance, or for your wedding video. Somewhere prominent for your guests to connect with your loved one along with you.

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4. Pre-Ceremony Speech

Having a friend or family member give a short, sweet speech about your lost loved one before the ceremony can be a beautiful moment for you and your guests to honor and remember your loved one. It is also a great moment for you to feel connected to your loved one on your wedding day by honoring them in a speech.

5. Carry a Picture

Put a picture of your loved one either in a pocket watch or a locket, and either carry it yourself or have your groom carry it with them throughout the day. Not only is this is a heartfelt and heartwarming photo opportunity, but throughout the day, looking down on your neck and knowing that your loved one is dear and close to your heart and soul, can be just the gentle reminder you need to get you through the long day.

6. Recreate a Bridal Photograph

If possible, choose a wedding photograph of your loved one who has passed on and recreate it. Find the same place, and pose just like your loved ones in the photo with your new loved one. Display the original photo side-by-side with your recreation at your wedding. This is a touching way to honor your loved ones, and it will give you a keepsake to cherish for your whole life when looking

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back through wedding photos.

7. Write a Letter

On the morning of your wedding, take a few moments and write your lost one a letter. Tell them everything you would want to say to them if they were there with you in person. Keep the letter close by all through your wedding day. Then, just as you are leaving for your honeymoon and saying goodbye to guests, tie the letter to a white balloon and let it go. Not only will this be a beautiful moment for you, but it will also be a beautiful moment for your guests as the balloon floats away, signifying flying off to Heaven with your wonderful news.

8. Heirloom Bouquet

Ribbons, pins, cuff links, handkerchiefs, scarves, or other heirloom items can be incorporated quite easily into a stunning wedding bouquet that will be a beautiful reminder of your loved one. You will feel like they are with you all day long as you look at your gorgeous bouquet of old and new memories. This is a great way to keep your loved ones with you, and it will be a touching tribute to their memory both for you, and for those who recognize the heirloom.

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9. Favorite Colors

Incorporate your loved one’s favorite colors into your color scheme. This touching tribute will remind you of your cherished one all day long, and will help you remember them on your happy day in a way that can be as private or as public as you like. You and your guests can keep your loved one’s spirit alive in your wedding just by splashing in their favorite color.


Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. So do not let the fact that you are missing someone ruin your monumental day! Incorporating them is a wonderful reminder of the good life they lived, not of the pain of their death. It is a constant reminder that we do not know when our last day is, so celebrate every moment that you can with those you love, and continue to remember those you have lost.


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