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Here’s A Guide To The Most Beautiful Wedding Dresses Ever

Your big day is approaching.  You know where the venue will be, you have sent out the invitations, and you have ordered (or cooked) your cake.  You have the food planned out, and you have chosen your bridesmaids dresses.  But one question remains:  What will you wear?  After all, you and your fiance' will be who everybody is watching at the wedding, so it is important that you choose a nice wedding dress.  It is also important that the wedding dress is comfortable to wear, since you will be wearing it for most of the day.  If you are struggling with choosing a wedding dress to wear, don't worry.  In this article you'll find a list of beautiful wedding dresses that will make you look stunning on your wedding day. Enjoy!

Portrait Wedding Dress

The portrait wedding dress is a common wedding dress that gives you beauty and style. Without the added sleeves, it is a simple sleeveless wedding dress.  However, with the included sleeves this wedding dress has a unique look.  The sparkly design on the wedding dress adds extra beauty. 

Image Source: Woman Getting Married

Queen Anne Wedding Dress

The Queen Anne wedding dress is similar to the portrait wedding dress.  It is a floral wedding dress with straps that connect behind the neck.  On the bottom of the wedding dress there are ruffles.  

Image Source: Woman Getting Married

V-Neck Wedding Dress

This wedding dress is simple yet stylish.  As the name suggests, the dress dips down in the front to create a v-shape.  This is a long dress that touches the floor.  If you wanted a slightly shorter dress (so you don't trip on your dress!), you can search for one.  However, this type of wedding dress is made to be long.  It is rare to find a v-neck wedding dress that comes up to the ankles or higher.  Most v-neck wedding dresses touch the floor.  

Image Source: Woman Getting Married

Sheath Wedding Dress

The sheath wedding dress is a simple wedding dress with sleeves.  The top of this dress comes to the neck, and the bottom of it touches the floor.  Most sheath wedding dresses are easy to walk and dance in.  A disadvantage to this type is that it requires a well-proportioned body.  It’s ideal for tall or petite women.  

Image Source: Woman Getting Married

Sleeveless Wedding Dress

This wedding dress does not have sleeves, but instead it has straps.  Like many other wedding dresses, it has a sparkly design on it.  Matched with a white bracelet, earrings, and shoes, this wedding dress will make you look fantastic on your wedding day.  

Image Source: Woman Getting Married

Short Sleeve Wedding Dress

If you are looking for a wedding dress that has sleeves instead of straps, this one is a great option for you.  It has a floral design at the top, and it has the shape of a ball gown.  The buttons on the back add a unique look.

Image Source: Woman Getting Married

Scoop Neckline Wedding Dress

If you are wanting to be a little more unique, opt for this wedding dress.  Unlike the wedding dresses shown above, this dress has a scoop neckline, also called a u-shape neckline.  As you can see, this wedding dress has creative spots on it.  You can, however, find scoop wedding dresses that are just plain white.  

Image Source: Woman Getting Married

Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Are you wanting something simple?  Look no further than this wedding dress.  It is a long dress that is white colored.  There are no designs on it, but the simplicity of it makes it have its own beautiful look.  As you can see, this dress does not have straps.  There are ball gown wedding dresses that have straps available.  

Image Source: Stay Glam

Long Sleeved Wedding Dress

If you are wanting a stunning wedding dress that has long sleeves, this wedding dress is an excellent option.  It has a floral design, as well as a sparkly belt that goes across the waist.  There are many other long sleeved wedding dresses out there, but this one is definitely creative looking.

Image Source: BHLDN

Final Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed looking through these wedding dresses, and hopefully you found one that will fit your needs.  As you can see, there is a large variety of dresses out there. If you are interested in dresses similar to these, check out BHLDN (also called Beholden).  BHLDN sells many beautiful wedding dresses.  Another site you may want to check out is Allure Bridals.  They sell many different styles of wedding dresses.  Just remember when shopping for a wedding dress not to stress out.  There are many options out there, so you will surely find one that fits your needs.  Make sure it is comfortable, and make sure you like it.  It's your big day, so make sure the wedding dress you choose is something you like.  Have fun shopping for a wedding dress!

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