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You Must Try These Hilarious Wedding Photos

Your wedding is a serious and meaningful occasion. But it should also be a fun, enjoyable day of celebration. Wedding photos serve as momentos, capturing your big day, from the preparations to the send-off. While most couples reserve a photographer to take pictures throughout the ceremony and reception, the wedding photos which typically receive the most attention are the formal, posed ones.

You will take photos with your parents, siblings, grandparents, bridesmaids, groomsmen, ring bearers, flower girls, and probably others. Some unconventional couples take such pictures before the ceremony while others do so between the ceremony and the reception. But in all cases, these posed photos are boring, expected, and require a great deal of time. In order to keep your loved ones entertained, yourself sane, and your pictures creative, be sure to throw in some comical wedding photos along with the traditional ones. For some inspiration, enjoy the ones below!

Bride and Bridesmaids

bride and bridesmaid funny wedding photo

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Of any members of the bridal party, the bridesmaids and bride are typically the most enthusiastic about the wedding photos. Thus, photos featuring the women of the wedding are expected to be filled with happiness, laughter, and closeness. Create a contrast by having your bridesmaids pose with a serious look on their face and hands to their sides. Really play with the humor with props; either adhesive or photo booth mustaches will do the trick.

Groom and Groomsmen

funny groomsmen wedding photos

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The groom and his groomsmen are typically the ones least interested in taking wedding photos. You can make the experience more enjoyable for them by preparing some poses for this male group. More genuine smiles and less eye rolling will take place. Play with role reversals and stage photos in which the groomsmen express fabricated excitement for the groom and his ring, suit, or other traditionally feminine aspects of the wedding.

Bride and Groomsmen

funny bride and groomsmen wedding photo

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Some photos don’t even need to feature your face to be hilarious. While you could go the traditional route of having the groomsmen swoon over the gorgeous bride, a more unexpected choice would be a photo of the bride assuming a position of authority over the groomsmen, like above.

Groom and Bridesmaids

funny groom and bridesmaids wedding photo

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While the groomsmen usually wield enough strength to lift the bride for a cute photo, the opposite is usually not true. In the case that you have particularly strong or enthusiastic bridesmaids, they could attempt to hoist the groom for a quick photo. Any failure will only serve for more funny photos. The laughter and struggle will provide you will pictures that capture the relationship between your closest friends and your closest man.

Ring Bearers and Flower Girls

ring bearer and flower girl wedding photo

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Pretty much any candid moments you capture of your ring bearers and flower girls will be comical. The smallest members in the wedding often are the biggest characters. Even if you try to place them in poses, they will probably end up doing something more funny. If you happen to have willing and teachable youngsters, position them in affectionate stances that seem to contradict their youthful age.

Bride and Groom

funny bride and groom wedding photos

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Trading clothes or switching looks in some way can be funny, but difficult to do in a timely fashion or without the assistance of editing. To make such wedding photos more accessible, merge your two looks by having the groom carry the bride from under her dress. She will not only look like a giant, but one wearing pants under a dress. Since this photo is naturally light-hearted, you can assume a serious face or smiling one for equally laughter-inducing results.

Bridal Party

Your bridal party contains some of the people who are most excited about your wedding and future life together as a married couple. This is underlying knowledge, so feel free to play with that excitement by replacing it with phony disgust! Replace their smiles with frowns, gags, or shock as you and your love kiss. No one will misinterpret these facial expressions because your bridal party is extremely happy about your big day.


A talented photographer or editor can make your possibilities endless in the realm of hilarious wedding photos. A photobomb from a random dinosaur, an unexpected background, or alterations to attire provide an easy source of laughs. Also, you can take fewer pictures — meaning they take less time — and allow your photographer to do the work afterwords.

Wedding photos are one of the most meaningful products you will receive from your wedding. Yes, the gifts are helpful and the guest book is nice. But you and your spouse will be able to share wedding photos will your loved ones and future kids. They will serve as a symbol of your love and a representation of the day you united together as one. Why not incorporate the joy of the event into your wedding photos with some hilarious poses such as these?

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