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You Put The Hip in Hipster: How To Achieve A Hipster Themed Wedding

 Your fiance has a burly beard and you cannot see yourself at the alter without a leafy crown… so you’re hipsters? Woah, slow down there, buckshot. There’s a lot more to being a hipster than just the obvious!

What is a Hipster?

A hipster is someone who intentionally avoids anything mainstream. Let’s say the latest trend is a sheer Ralph Lauren blouse over a purple tank with flare eggshell trousers accompanied by a three-inch sandal wedge? No. Thanks. A hipster prefers a mustard yellow top tucked into a floral print skirt under an XXL crocheted sweater and black leggings with super flat flats… like army boot flat, to be exact. Anything “old school,” second-hand, homemade, unique… that’s what they’re going for. But a hipster’s style is in more than just their clothes. Here’s a few more key characteristics of a hipster:

  • Big thick rimmed glasses
  • Beard or scruff
  • Messy hair
  • Wanderlust
  • Listens to indie-rock
  • Plaid, plaid and more plaid

So by now you’re probably thinking, “yep, that’s us!” because why else would you be reading this? You’re hipsters and you know it (sung obnoxiously to the tune of Sexy and I Know It) and it’s time to start planning your hipster themed wedding! Congratulations, love birds! Let’s begin…



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The wedding invitations you send to your guests are the ‘first glimpse’ into what your big (or small) day will be like. If your wedding is going to be simple, then make your invitations easy-to-read with as little clutter as possible. Make sure you’re sending the right message. You wouldn’t want Uncle Jim to show up in a $400 tuxedo while your college roommate comes in a denim skirts and spaghetti-strap tanks.


Forget the fancifully written calligraphy that only the Queen of England appreciates. You like simple and rustic, so pick a font that emphasizes that!



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Your invites are also the first thing that kicks your color-loving butt into gear. Don’t send a sky blue card with hot pink font and yellow embellishments if your wedding colors are going to be marsala, gold and black. People are visual animals, and color is easy to identify with. Aunt Marge will not wear her embarrassing snot green two-piece pant suite if her invite hints to a more blush-neutral color theme. Thank God…


Your day is most likely going to be pretty casual, so “You Are Cordially Invited” is way over-the-top. Let the words come naturally! As long as the invitation gets the point across, you’ve done your job. Try something like “Help Us Celebrate Our Special Day!” or “Wanna Party?” as your headline. Remember, your friends and family know you, so they expect your personality to shine through in every aspect of your wedding.


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Shopping for your wedding decorations is perhaps the most fun part of the entire planning process! At this point, you’ve already chosen your color theme. Most hipster weddings follow earthy, natural color tones, like forest green and fawn with a pop of crimson or heather grey and dusty blue with blush rose poking through here and there. These colors go best in an outdoor setting, which you’ve been dreaming about for years. You aren’t afraid of the elements and you like taking risks, so why would you hide beneath a roof?

Your outdoor wedding will cut down on cost and clutter. The woodsy scenery adds a lot to the atmosphere you’re trying to create and it brings out that natural beauty in you and all of your decor. To add your own personal touch, bring in some vintage things like milk cans, wooden crates, an old mailbox for cards, etc. Antiques and old farmhouse items are KILLER in this situation! You cannot go overboard.


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Comfort is key here! No, I’m not talking pajama comfy, but I do mean casual comfy. You’re not a hipster if you wear a Vera Wang ball gown, stick your groom in a black and white three-piece suit, and expect your guests to wear stilettos and ties. No, no… a million times NO!

The Bride And Her Gals

You’ll look stunning in something simple-chic with lace, long sleeves, and flowing. You might even consider going down into that musty crypt of a place your parents call their “basement” to dig out your Mother’s gown. Hellooo vintage! (Just be sure to get it dry cleaned first! You don’t want cob webs tickling your calves while you try to read your vows.)
As for bridesmaids, don’t stray too far from the same concept. Put them in something they don’t hate… maybe even something they’ll wear again, and NOT for Halloween.

Groom And His Men

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He’ll thank you forever if he doesn’t have to get all suited up! Many couples decide to go with just a vest, no coat. Tweed is well-known for making an appearance at weddings like yours. A tan vest is edgy and will match whatever colors you’ve chosen. Some grooms even decide to wear jeans. The two of you can talk about what level of casualness and comfort you’d like to achieve.

Groomsmen should wear something similar to the man of the hour, just a little less flattering. After all, it is his day, too. He deserves to be Top Dog!


Can coozies and paper fans are way overrated! Give your guests something a bit more unique. Something that won’t get lost or thrown away immediately. Do you make jam? Syrup? Soap? Everyone loves homemade gifts! You could show them your inner nature lover and give away potted seedlings so each guest can plant their own tree. Whatever favors you choose, make it practical!Throughout the planning process, pretend you are invited as guests to your own wedding. What kinds of things would you like to see? You and your hipster selves will not only enjoy your wedding but so will your guests attending. Make your day all about you and your style and you’ll be good as gold!

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