Hiware 9 Inch Non-stick Cheesecake Pan Springform Pan Product Review

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The Hiware 9-Inch Non-Stick Cheesecake Pan Springform Pan is perfect for cheesecake, mousse, quiche, and many other desserts and baked dishes.  This pan is made double layered with a non-stick coating that eliminates the need for flouring the pan.  A springform buckle provides easy release of the baked goods.  This springform pan is oven safe up to 450 degrees.

Best Features of The Product 

  • Comes with cleaning cloth
  • Nonstick
  • Easy to clean
Hiware 9 Inch Non-stick Cheesecake Pan Springform Pan with Removable Bottom / Leakproof Cake Pan Bakeware with Cleaning Cloth
  • Perfect for cheesecake, mousse, quiche and more, this 9" springform pan is an essential item in any baker's kitchen
  • Double layer non-stick coating eliminates the need for flouring the pan
  • Springform buckle provides easy release of baked goods

Most Talked About Features:

Bakers Evaluate This Pan 

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As of this writing, there were 169 customer comments and 17 answered questions on Amazon for the Hiware 9-Inch Non-stick Cheesecake Pan Springform Pan.  I've read through the feedback and condensed the results into this article.  I hope that this helps you decide if this springform pan will meet your needs or not.

Works Great In An Instant Pot

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The Hiware 9-Inch Non-Stick Cheesecake Pan Springform Pan works well in a 6-quart Instant Pot.  Bakers found that this pan worked well especially with making brownies and cheesecake.

Easy to Clean and Even Comes With a Cleaning Cloth

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You get a little bonus with the purchase of this pan. That is because the The Hiware 9-Inch Non-stick Cheesecake Pan Springform Pan comes with a cleaning cloth.  People really loved how easy this springform pan was to clean. However, it is not dishwasher safe, so make sure that you hand wash it with mild dish detergent, and hot soapy water.  Rinse and dry, and you should be all set to use it again next time.  Make sure to take extra care when cleaning around the screw area.  Some customers reported that it is fragile in the screw area and can easily bend.

Screw is Fragile

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If you buy this pan, make sure that you take care of how you handle the screw and the screw on area.  Some customers did find that it was fragile and that it bent easily.  Still those same customers were very pleased with their purchase.  Make sure to hand wash this pan only as the directions say so that the pan is not damaged.

Not Totally Leak-Proof

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Some bakers found that this pan was leak-proof while others said it was not.  It may depend on what you are baking and how you are baking it.  For example, if you are using a water bath, water may leak in if you don't cover the pan in aluminum foil.  However, it shouldn't leak out if you are using it without a water bath.  A small number of customers, however, did report that it leaked and they were not using a water bath.  It may depend on how thick your batter is and what you are cooking.  The majority of customers reported that it did not leak, but it never hurts to be extra cautious. 

Great For Lasagna and Meat Loaf

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The Hiware 9 Inch Non-stick Cheesecake Pan Springform Pan received high praises for how it handled making lasagna and meat loaf.  Some people cooked these in their Instant Pots and were very pleased.

Makes Ice Cream Cakes Turn Out Well

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A customer wanted people to know that the Hiware 9-Inch Non-stick Cheesecake Pan Springform Pan works great for making ice cream cakes.  She was working slowly on her cake when the ice cream started melting.  The pan held up and did not leak. The ice cream cake turned out great!

Even Monkey Bread Won't Stick

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If you've ever ate or tried monkey bread, you probably know how sticky, gooey, and messy it is.  The Hiware 9-Inch Non-stick Cheesecake Pan Springform Pan held up to its non-stick name even with this messy treat.  The customer who made the bread was very impressed with how it just came right out of the pan with no problems.

Do Not Use Metal Knives To Cut Into Pan

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A mistake made by a baker was that she used a hot knife to cut into the cake as the directions said.  But, she advised others to never use a hot knife or any metal knife with this springform pan.  The knife cut into and scratched her springform pan.  So take heed and don't use a metal knife around this pan. It could affect how easily or difficult it is to get your next baked good out of this pan if the non-stick surface is scratched off with a knife.

My Conclusion 

The Hiware 9-Inch Non-stick Cheesecake Pan Springform Pan is a popular pan.  It works great in an instant pot and cleans up well.  It even comes with a special cleaning cloth to make clean up time quick and easy.  Take care around the screw area because it is prone to bending easily. This pan is not totally leak-proof, though, in the majority of baking circumstances it held up well and didn't leak.  It will allow some water to seep in if you are cooking in a water bath. This is a versatile pan that is good with not only cheesecake, but with other dishes like lasagna, meat loaf, and ice cream cakes.  Even monkey bread comes out without sticking to this nifty plan. Make sure to follow all directions and never use a metal knife or anything that will scratch the non-stick surface of this pan. I hope my review of the Hiware 9-Inch Non-Stick Cheesecake Pan Springform Pan helps you when deciding what type of springform pan you'd like to purchase. 

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