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HOLABABY P1 HD Video Baby Monitor Camera Product Review

The HOLABABY P1 HD Video Baby Monitor Camera delivers real-time HD video with the best in-class night vision.  It has a built-in microphone and speaker so that you can talk and listen to your baby.  Features include temperature, audio, and motion sensors.  An added unique feature is the innovative fantasy ceiling-directed projection and multi-colored night light.  This feature warmly lights your baby’s room.  The audio includes lullabies and nature sounds to soothe your baby to sleep.

The unique directional antenna projects the wi-fi signal away from your baby to the camera universal bed mount.  Password protection technology ensures that you never have to worry about privacy issues.  This monitor comes with a night vision device that was crafted with safety in mind.

The HOLABABY P1 HD Video Baby Monitor Camera comes with a 12 month warranty.

Best Features of The Product 

  • Nature Sounds
  • Ceiling Projections
  • Reliability 

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As of this writing, the The HOLABABY P1 HD Video Baby Monitor Camera had 62 customer reviews and 48 answered questions on Amazon.  I’ve read the reviews and condensed the results into this report.  I hope that this makes it easier for you when picking out a baby monitor.


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I could not find any comments on the longevity or durability of this monitor.


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A lot of the people who bought this monitor liked the music and ceiling projections. 

Here is just one of the many comments on the music and ceiling features,

“The music/sounds, the nightlight, and the projector are all great features. But mostly I love the night vision and the fact that I can keep an eye on my baby when he’s sleeping/napping, whether I’m home or not, right from my phone and all with a clear picture. As a first time parent, it’s overwhelming with all the options out there for monitors. I’m glad we finally settled on this one. When we transitioned him to a crib, I was so nervous, but with this monitor I can zoom in and see him physically breathing which is very reassuring. I highly recommend this monitor. A+ service!!!”

Here is another comment on the features of this monitor,

“When it does connect, I like that I can see enough detail to tell that my baby is breathing with the rise and fall of her belly. The music feature is nice. The feature where you can talk through the camera also only works sometimes and has required a reset to work. The software buttons are confusing to use for music and lights with the movement function (so you need to press in some order? I’ve tried many times to get the light movement to turn off, for example, or to keep the music playing for longer than 15 minutes). If you turn it to landscape mode, you can’t access many of the buttons. So yes, there are some issues. The build could be better- hardware, software, and the holababy website. But it’s a good camera, and I would love it if they improve those details.”


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I could only find one comment on the reliability of the HOLABABY P1 HD Video Baby Monitor Camera.  The customer shared this,

“This camera is wonderful!  This is the third different brand we have tried and it is by far the best.  The picture is very clear, it was easy to set up, and is very reliable.  I especially love the light projector with lullabies feature.  Not only do we use it as a baby monitor, but we also set it up to check on the house when we are out of town.  I would highly recommend this camera.”


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This monitor weighs 2.6 pounds with dimensions of 7.6 x 7.6 x 7.5 inches.  Size was pretty much a non-issue with this monitor.


baby monitor, top-10-baby-monitors/

There simply weren’t comments on the safety of this monitor.  I think of safety as two issues with baby monitors.  First, does it keep a WiFi connection so that you can continue to safely monitor your baby?  Second, can hackers get into this monitor system and see your baby?  Neither topics were commented on with this monitor. 

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My Conclusion 

The price itself was pretty high for what you are getting in comparison to other monitors, though hardly any customers complained about the price.  If you like the idea of having nature sounds, and ceiling projections, than you might want to give this baby monitor a try.  Many of the customers who bought this monitor bought it for those extra features. I hope my review helps you as you look towards purchasing the best baby monitor for your family. 

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