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Fantastically Festive Holiday Themed Weddings

What defines a holiday?

With federal holidays, national holidays, religious holidays, international holidays, and more, defining this phenomena becomes very difficult. Every individual recognizes holidays a little differently based on their background, culture, and beliefs. But no matter which days you recognize and how you celebrate, holidays are a time of celebration, festivities and recreation!

Why not bottle the delightful feelings that encompass holidays by theming your wedding after them? Everyone has a favorite holiday and favorite aspects of each holiday. We have compiled some inspiration for how to achieve a holiday themed wedding for some of the more popular holidays. Be prepared for all the holiday feels!

Christmas Holiday-Themed Wedding

The smell of evergreens. The hum of Christmas carols. The taste of peppermint. The warmth of a mug of coffee. The joyful spirit in the air. What’s not to love about Christmas?

Capturing the essence of Christmas in your big day is a tall feat, but it is a good place to start. Use the holiday to guide your decisions about colors, styles, food, music, and more! Look below for some inspo!

New Year’s Holiday-Themed Wedding

Just like the turning over of a new year, getting married is a huge life shift. Wave farewell to the past and welcome in the new! The New Year’s holiday and weddings evoke similar emotions of transition and sentiment, but also of celebration.

Go big. Go flashy. Reference customs such as the dropping of the ball, kissing at midnight, and New Year’s resolutions. Make games, activities, and decorations out of these classic details. And let the party go all night!

Thanksgiving Holiday-Themed Wedding

Ahh. The cooler weather. The changing colors. The roaring fireplace. The feelings of Thanksgiving are ones of relaxation, rejuvenation and home. Can this holiday do any wrong?

Attempting to imitate the beautiful feelings and changes that accompany Thanksgiving presents an enjoyable endeavor. From the decorations to the food to the colors, you are recreating not only a holiday but a lifestyle.

Independence Day Holiday-Themed Wedding

An Independence Day themed wedding captures more than just a holiday spirit. It also taps into the passionate patriotism of this celebratory American day. Talk about a win-win for a wedding theme!

You can make your dedication to this theme brilliantly obvious with bright red, white, and blue. Or you can take a more subtle route and simply use these hues to direct your themes and decor. Either way, your “something blue” will be more than covered.

Just as you can define a holiday however you desire, you can also decorate your wedding however you desire! If you are interested in theming your wedding after a holiday, don’t feel obligated to set your wedding date on the exact day of that holiday. Make your day your own and allow the inspiration of your favorite holidays to shape your decisions and guide your planning. And what a great excuse to extend the holiday celebration throughout your wedding planning process!

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