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11 Home Remedies To Try For Diaper Rashes

At one time or another in the course of your child’s babyhood, you will most likely deal with a diaper rash.  This skin issue can be quite painful for your baby, so much so that he or she may cry out in pain.  I’m going to go over some home remedies that you may want to try on your baby’s precious little bottom to not only help alleviate some pain but to eliminate the rash altogether.

What Causes Diaper Rash

diaper rashes

Before we look at diaper rash remedies, let’s take a look at what a diaper rash really is.  Diaper rash is a common form of inflamed skin on your baby’s bottom.  The skin will be bright red, and your child may cry or fuss when you touch that area.  Diaper rash causes may include the following reasons: Your baby’s diaper may not be changed as often as it should be, your child has sensitive skin, or your child’s bottom was left wet and couldn’t dry because of the diaper.  As annoying and painful as it may seem, it can quickly be fixed by changing your baby’s diaper more often, drying your baby’s bottom, and using some remedies.  Now that you know what a diaper rash is let’s take a look at how you can cure it.


diaper rash

Vinegar works well when curing a diaper rash since it has acidic properties that cure diaper rashes.  Mix 1 teaspoon of white vinegar with 1 cup of water.  Use this mixture to wipe your baby’s bottom.  This will make your baby’s bottom resistant to yeast.  You can also make some that you can use to wash reusable diapers or cloth diapers.  Add one half cup of vinegar to half a bucket of water, and rinse the baby’s diapers in it.

Baking Soda

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Baking soda is a great diaper rash treatment.  To make this diaper rash home remedy, dissolve two tablespoons of baking soda in 4 cups of water.  Each time you change your baby’s diaper, wipe your baby’s bottom with the mixture.  Use a dry cloth to pat the skin dry before putting on the diaper gently.  You can also add two tablespoons of baking soda to a tub of warm water for your baby to bathe in.  Have your child bathe in the water for ten minutes, three times a day.  Remember to pat the baby’s skin dry after bathing.


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Cornstarch is a great way to treat a diaper rash.  First, it absorbs moisture.  Second, it helps keep your baby’s skin dry, reduce diaper friction, and prevent diaper rash.  Before putting it on your baby’s bottom, remove the soiled diaper and wash the baby’s bottom with lukewarm water.  Gently dry the baby’s skin with a cloth, and let your baby’s bottom dry naturally for a few minutes.  Next, lightly sprinkle cornstarch on your child’s skin before you put on the diaper.  Repeat this for every time you change your baby’s diaper until the skin heals.

Egg Whites

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Eggs can cure a lot of problems, including diaper rash.  To create this remedy, crack 3 to 4 eggs.  Apply the egg white onto the affected area.  The diaper rash should then fade away within a few days.

Coconut Oil

diaper rash

Because coconut oil has anti-fungal properties, this is often used for treating diaper rashes.  Apply the coconut oil on your baby’s bottom each time you change his diaper. For a severe outbreak, mix a few drops of tea tree oil in the coconut oil.


diaper rash

Having your baby bathe in oatmeal is very soothing, and it helps protect the skin.  To make an oatmeal remedy, add one tablespoon of dried oatmeal to your baby’s bath water.  Let your baby soak in the water for at least ten minutes.  Do this twice a day until the rash is gone.

Aloe Vera

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Aloe vera is an excellent herb to apply to your baby’s diaper rash.  Aloe vera heals many different skin problems, including diaper rashes.  It should make the diaper rash disappear quickly.

Have Your Child Not Wear a Diaper As Much


diaper rash

Diapers trap in moisture, which can result in raw skin, as well as the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, yeast, and fungus.  One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to get rid of the diaper all together.  If you are worried about the mess, then put your baby on a rubber mat covered with a washable cloth.

Change the Diaper Often

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Diaper rashes are often the result of an unchanged diaper that has been on the baby too long.  To prevent a diaper rash, change the diaper as soon as you notice that it is soiled.  Check the diaper throughout the day to make sure that it is dry and clean.

Dry Your Baby’s Bottom

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After changing the diaper and washing your baby, make sure to dry your baby’s bottom.  Gently pat your baby with a dry cloth.  Remember not to rub, since rubbing may hurt the rash even more.  To ensure that your baby’s bottom is dry, don’t put the diaper on for a few minutes.

Don’t Use Diaper Rash Cream

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Although diaper rash cream can heal your child’s diaper rash, it can also have ingredients that can irritate your baby even more.  Some diaper rash creams have toxic ingredients, so if you must buy it, first read the ingredients.  Make sure that is doesn’t have any fragrance, as fragrant creams can have toxins and can give your baby allergies.  Also, try to avoid baby wipes.


A painful diaper rash can be prevented and also cured by some of the home remedies that I went over.  If one of these remedies doesn’t work, try another.  These are all inexpensive and natural ways to cure a diaper rash.  Remember that prevention can be easier to deal with then a cure, and less painful too. So change that dirty diaper as soon as you notice that it’s soiled. Best of luck!

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