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Don’t Let These Nightmares Happen to You on Your Honeymoon!

Ahhhh, your honeymoon. How exciting is it to actually plan your honeymoon! Think of all the relaxing moments you’ll have. Think of all the fun you’ll have! Now think about the things that could go wrong… Wouldn’t you want to prepare for those things that could go wrong so if they happen to you, you won’t have any issues facing them? I know I would! So what could go wrong on your honeymoon? Let us prepare you!



So when you get to your honeymoon destination, you may think that the hardest part is over. But it isn’t. Unless you have an itinerary that preplanned, you will want to communicate on the things that you both would like to do. It would be ideal that you chat about this before the wedding even takes place. Be sure pick things that you both want to do. Don’t just pick things that one wants to do. This will spark resentment when the trip is all said and done.

You Could End Up Sick

More than likely, from all the traveling, the lack of sleep, and the stress, you could get sick. Make sure you stay hydrated and you keep yourself well rested (this one can be… er, hard). Also, be cautious of certain foods and water at your honeymoon location. My rule of thumb, if you haven’t ever had it before or haven’t even gotten a taste of something before that moment, don’t be adventurous and try that something new (unless you want to take the risk!)…

The Honeymoon Phase Is Over

The honeymoon phase may not have even started and it is over. Maybe you’re just using your honeymoon as just a plain vacation and your new last name is just a bonus. Who knows. But think of your partner. Don’t be that person that just goes off and does what you want. Be considerate. This trip is about the two of you.

Get All The Info

Make sure you have your flight info, your hotel info, and all the information that you could ever possibly need for your vacation. All the info that you could possible obtain on the itinerary would be best too. Don’t jump into activities or adventures without actually knowing what they entail, where and when you will be going, the return time, and what you need to bring with you. You want to make the most of your time not waste it!

No Secrets

Secrets can be good and they can be bad. Be sure that when you have secrets they are good secrets and not secrets that can destroy a relationship. For example, if you have a picnic lunch planned by the ocean for one day on your honeymoon, great! Keep that a secret so it can be a surprise. But if you have a bad secret, like you mortgaged your home for the honeymoon or your ex is staying down the hall and you’re not quite sure that you are over them… Those are bad. They need to be discussed immediately. Even if they are hard to discuss, the hurt feelings and struggle later on down the road won’t be worth it. Think before you take action.

The In-Laws

The In-laws can be pushy. Like really pushy. They think they may be helpful, but sometimes they really aren’t. Sometimes their efforts are overbearing and not helpful to the situation. They can create animosity in the relationship that doesn’t need to be created. If you know that your parents are planning something for the honeymoon, let your significant other know and talk about it as a couple. If you’re afraid that your parent’s are going to go overboard with sending gifts or even show up on your honeymoon, let them politely know that while you appreciate their gestures, you wish to spend your honeymoon quietly, decompressing with your new spouse.

Your Financial Past That Is Your Future

If your honeymoon is unobtainable with the fund that you have, live within your means. Don’t pull out a credit card or loan so that you can go on an all inclusive ten day trip to Paris. You don’t want to start your married life together with a pile of debt.


Think twice before you go on your honeymoon without the proper knowledge of not only your spouse but of where you’re actually going. Don’t be the hero and think because you have been out of the country multiple times that you will know exactly what and where you need to be at all times. Do your research and your trip should go fabulously. Happy planning!

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