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8 Different Bathing Suit Ideas Perfect For The Summer

Summer isn’t over yet! No matter if you’re just soaking up rays at your local pool, or dipping your feet in the ocean, we all need swimsuits. Here are the best trends for this summer if you’re a little behind on getting your suit!

One Piece

bathing suitThe more modest looking swimsuit has recently been coming back in style, and this summer it has taken off. One pieces tend to help women feel more comfortable with their bodies out in public, and are a great way to keep everything intact if you love catching waves in the ocean. However, just because you are donning a one-piece doesn’t mean you have to wear one that looks like your grandmother or like a serious swimmer. Some summer trends for mixing up one-pieces have been designs on the side to show a bit of skin and lower backs. 


summer bathing suit

We have seen cut-outs majorly growing over the past couple of summers, and 2017 is no exception. Cut-outs are an excellent way to make a one-piece a little sexier. Check out this great cut-out in an off the shoulder swimsuit!

One Strap

summer bathing suit


This is a unique way to give you support in the chest, but a fun way to change up your traditional strap on your bathing suit. One strap suits are available in bikinis and one-pieces.


summer bathing suit

Who doesn’t love a great tee-shirt? Now you can have that in your swim suit! These cute tops normally include ruffles and can be off the shoulders or cap sleeves. Find a great patterned top and mix and match it with your other bikini bottoms.


summer bathing suit


We are definitely seeing a huge trend this summer in swimsuits to mimic the trends in the clothing world. Everywhere you go this summer; you are bound to see someone sporting an off-the-shoulder top or dress. So why not have it in your favorite suit? Not to mention it could help save you the issue of strap tan lines.



Ruffles have always been an excellent way to spice up any swimsuit, and this summer is not the exception. If you are a girl who has a smaller chest, this can make you look a little fuller. Ruffles also make you look younger and carefree. Try them on the top and bottom of your suit!

New Material  


In 2016, we saw a new trend to making swim suits out of untraditional materials. Two huge material trends that have been hitting stores are suits that are crocheted, and more recently suits made of denim. We are not sure how comfortable these suits will be compared to your traditional swimsuit fabric, but you’ll definitely be a trendsetter!



This old-fashioned Hollywood style has been coming back into style throughout the past couple of summers, but this summer it has taken off. High-waisted bikinis are a good way to accentuate your waist. And can prove for a great and more modest alteration on the bikini.


We hope that these fun new bathing suit trends can help you to be comfortable and get sunkissed this summer!




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