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7 Things You Should NEVER Wear To A Wedding

Don’t be caught at a wedding in these styles.

Weddings are such joyous occasions.  It’s fun to celebrate as two lives join together as one. The party, the music, the food, and drinks all lend itself to such a festive atmosphere.  It’s also fun to dress up for the big event.  Some people even get into shape just for a friend or family member’s wedding so that they can look great in their outfit.  There are no rules for what you should wear to a wedding, though I do have some suggestions for what you shouldn’t wear.

Don’t Go Overboard

Even if you think you look fabulous in an outfit, this isn’t the time to go overboard.  Don’t go for the shock effect at a wedding.  Yes, you may get noticed and talked about, but this day isn’t about you.  Tone it down a bit when you feel the need to make a bold fashion statement.


Watch How Much Black You Wear

Though a little black dress might be cute, don’t overdo the black. This is not a funeral but a wedding.


Remember It’s Not a Costume Party

It’s fine to dress festively for a wedding but remember it’s not a Halloween party.


Don’t Dress Too Skimpy

A little skin is ok to show, but watch how daring you dress for a wedding.  It’s normally appropriate to keep your thighs covered.


Watch That You Don’t Dress Too Much Like The Bride

Because this isn’t your wedding day, you might want to watch that you don’t dress too much like a bride.  A little white is ok, but a white floor length dress might be a little too much. Don’t try to outdo the bride.  This is her big day, not yours.


If You Aren’t Part Of The Bridal Party, Don’t Dress Like You Are

It may have been fun to dress like your friends when you were in grade school, but a wedding is not the time to dress alike. The bride already chose her bridesmaids and maid of honor. The positions have been filled. Face it and move on.


Casual Wear

Ok ladies, even if it says on the invitation that the dress code is casual, this is not what they mean.  Flip flops, and cut off jeans are a no, no. Instead opt for khaki pants, possibly nice jeans with boots, but remember, casual doesn’t mean something you’d play volleyball or flag football in.


Final Thoughts

I hope this helped you decide what to wear to your next wedding.   Make sure to wear an outfit that is comfortable and makes you feel good.  Don’t forget to wear shoes that fit and that allow you to dance if you plan on dancing.  Even though these rules can feel like they are encroaching on your personal style, you’ll be agreeing with us on your wedding day.

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