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How to be the Best Tooth Fairy for Your Kids

When it comes time for your child to start losing their teeth, it means it is also time for the tooth fairy. Then you and your spouse, to start leaving some money under their pillow after your child goes to sleep at night. The tradition is that once your child loses a tooth, they then put the tooth under their pillow for the “tooth fairy” to come and get it and leave money in its place. Back when many of us were children, we thought we had a lot of money when a quarter or 50 cents was left under our pillow.

However, these days, $5 or $10 is the new amount to be left under the children’s pillow. Some parent’s even give way more than that these days.  Anything less than that and they will think the tooth fairy doesn’t like them or that she is a lousy tooth fairy. You don’t want your children thinking that. How do you become the best tooth fairy for your kids?

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Try Skipping the Cash

You can especially do this for your younger ones. The younger ones will be happier with something more creative, especially coming from mom or dad. Get creative with the little ones. They will appreciate it more. Consider leaving behind a small book, a healthy snack that they like, a small toy, or anything else you can think of besides cash. Children under eight or nine might not understand the value of money like the older ones will.

Give them an Experience They Won’t Forget

To make things more fun for them, give them their own tooth fairy pillow. Tell them that it is just for the tooth fairy so she won’t have trouble finding their teeth. You can buy special pillows with a pocket on it for the teeth or get creative and crafty and make your own. Making one for your little one will make it more special for them. 

Another thing you can do to make this a total experience they will want to share with their friends is to leave a message from the tooth fairy. Use a special pen and get some glitter to put on the note to make fairy dust. You can do something like explain to them what will happen to their tooth and tell them to keep brushing and keep up the great work with taking care of their teeth as good as they are. You can also let them know they are a special person. Make it about them and tell them how proud the tooth fairy is of them for losing their baby teeth and growing up so strong. Make it fun for them!

baby teeth, the original tooth fairy, tooth fairy ideas, tooth fairy money, tooth fairy letter, tooth fairy costume

Image credit: Mojpe via Pixabay

Leave them a Receipt From Ms. Tooth Fairy

Leaving a receipt from the tooth fairy herself will make them happy and realize the tooth fairy was visiting them in the middle of the night. You can make a receipt book that has the option to let them know how the tooth looks to the tooth fairy, such as excellent, good, fair, and poor. Doing this will encourage them to keep brushing their teeth and caring for them. Sign the receipt with Mrs or Ms. Tooth Fairy or something like Your Tooth Fairy was here and put some glitter on it for fairy dust. If the child is older, leave some cash too for them. However, if they are a younger child, leave them a special treat. 

Leave Money From Different Countries

You can also leave different currencies from other countries. Doing this will let them learn about the country you are leaving the money from. Be prepared to answer a bunch of questions because children are curious little creatures. You can get the different currency from the traveling you may be doing, or you can even make fake money if you are creative enough. 

baby teeth, the original tooth fairy, tooth fairy ideas, tooth fairy money, tooth fairy letter, tooth fairy costume

Image credit: Clker Free Vector Images via Pixabay

What Should You Do With The Tooth?

Here is another way you can make things fun for your children. Some children are concerned about what happens to their tooth after the Tooth Fairy takes it. You can tell them that they are using it in the Tooth Laboratory for research purposes. Get creative and tell them a cute story about what they are doing with their tooth. 


What do you do with the tooth after playing the Tooth Fairy and taking it? Keep it or get rid of it but keeping it in a safe place can keep memories for you of when they were small and started losing their teeth. Once they get older, you will have a beautiful story to tell them

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