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How to Display Old Pictures of You and Your Fiancé on Your Wedding Day

Have a nice stash of adorable baby and toddler photos of you and your fiancé? Incorporating the cute, and maybe embarrassing, photos on your wedding day will add an additional personal touch to your big day. There are so many ways that you can incorporate old photos in your wedding that will leave your guests cooing and laughing. Get ready to break out those cute baby photos and awkward middle school photos to replicate these awesome wedding day ideas.

Save the Date

Old Photos Engagement Party Invitation

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By featuring your old elementary school yearbook photos into your save the dates, your invitees will get a glimpse of your past and your wedding invitations will stand out from all the rest. This is a unique spin on the classic wedding announcement that will be perfect to save for your wedding album.

Wedding Photos

This is such an adorable way to incorporate those precious baby photos that your mom and dad hoarded of you when you were a kid. Choose your favorite baby photo of yourself starring in your prized halloween costume or of you bawling on Santa’s lap to make for great wedding photos. This will help you see just how far you and your fiancé have come and how you have matured.

Family Tree

family tree decoration

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Get out your contacts list and call people in your family for their wedding photos! This fun way of incorporating your extended family with displaying their wedding photos will make them feel appreciated and apart of your ceremony. This gesture will also be fun to look at as your family continues to add wedding photos to your family tree.

Bathroom Plaques

The details of your wedding can say a lot about you and your husband, especially if you include your personal photos from the family photo album. Making bathroom plaques like the ones above are a nice touch to put on your wedding that shows how clever you two are. Make going to the bathroom fun and an event by having your photos displayed.

Guess the Age Game

guess the age of the bride game

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Make a fun game to entertain your guests with by gathering up photos of either you and your husband throughout your life. Put all of these photos in a visible place and have your guests guess how old you are in each photo. You can even offer a prize to the one who guesses closest to your age in the photo! This will be a fun, memorable part of your wedding for you and your guests.

Table Decorations

This table runner made from reprinted family photos

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This fun, DIY you can work on for your wedding will add a vintage feel to your wedding as you display copies of your family photos. Simply make copies of your favorite family photos from your and your spouse’s side and make this breath-taking table runner from them. This will keep your guests occupied and will take them on a walk down memory lane as they reminisce while looking at the family photos.

Aisle Runner

wedding aisle chairs hanging pictures of the bride and groom at various ages .

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These aisle runners are to die for, not only do they display the adorable faces of you and your husband, but they can also be a great way to organize where your guests sit during the ceremony. If they are apart of your family, they can sit in a row with your face on it and vise versa. This smart way of being both cute and functional when prepping for your wedding day.

These are some gold ideas of how to display your adorable baby photos at your wedding. This will give a family oriented vibe to your big day without being too overwhelming. Have fun with these ideas and make them your own on your wedding day!


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