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How to Find a Wedding Dress When You’re Unsure About Your Size

Figuring Out Which Dress Type Flatters Your Body Best

Wedding dress shopping should be a magical time. It should be a time when brides get to go try on a pretty and expensive dress with her best friends, sisters, and mothers. It should be a stress free experience with no drama and feuding, rather pure joy and enjoyment.

But coming from a woman who has struggled with her body shape her whole life, I understand the feeling that many brides feel these days have when they hear the words “wedding dress shopping”. That feeling, you ask?

Instant dread.

Heck, as women we struggle with getting into jeans in the morning without doing a jig around our bedroom to get them over our rear end. For other women, their pants instantly fall off when they put them on unless they have a belt.

So how are we supposed to feel confident about getting into a $2000 dress that we are going to wear for six hours? While I do not have the power to help the insecurity, I do have the power to give you some guidance when it comes to figuring out this whole “wedding dress” thing.

There are several styles and silhouettes of wedding dresses that are available, and while they are not all flattering on every body shape, I promise you that there is one that will meet your expectations. The expectation of being a drop dead goddess on your wedding day. That expectation will be met. So we invite you to browse through these quick tips for figuring out which dress fits your body type the best!

For the Lanky and Thin Brides


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This dress is perfect for brides who are incredibly thin, tall and lanky, and lacks curves. If this fits your description, then a ball gown is exactly what you need. A ball gown is a very full dress with a lot of tool and material. Because of its silhouette and shape, it will give a thinner woman the curvier look.

But beware. If you are short and petite, a ball gown is not the style for you! Because of its fullness and size, a ball gown will bury you if you lack height! So keep those things in mind if you are interested in a ball gown.


For the Comfortable Curvy Brides


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If you are comfortable with your curves and you have no problem with flaunting them, then consider a trumpet style dress! While a trumpet does look fine on girls with less curves as well, a trumpet is designed to emphasize and outline every curve.

So if you are a happy and curvy woman looking for a dress to show off your sexy body in a classy and beautiful way, then a trumpet may be just for you! Beware brides who are not completely comfortable with their curves because this is a dress you may want to avoid.


For the Hourglass Shaped Brides


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This is dress for more than just mermaids. If you are a bride and have an hourglass shaped body, then keep a mermaid style dress in mind! Mermaid dresses are very form fitting and tight, and sprout out below the knee.

If you want a tighter dress, than a mermaid might be just for you. But beware brides who want a more comfortable dress that they can easily move around in. This mermaid style is most definitely not for you.

For the Plus Sized Brides


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For most plus sized brides, an empire waistline dress will be your best bet. When the dress flows from right under the bust line, it gives your waist and core the perfect shape. One strap dresses are incredibly flattering when it comes to empire waistline, along with strapless styles.

But take caution. There are some empire dresses where the drop starts above the chest. And many times, this is not as figure flattering for a plus size bride because it does not accentuate the chest. It covers it.


For….All Brides?


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You read that right. An A-line style wedding dress will look great on all body types. Because it is narrow at the top and flows along the waist and natural curves on a woman’s body shape, it looks absolutely stunning.

While this dress looks really good on all types of shapes and sizes, it is not a form fitting dress. If you are searching for a tight and sexy dress to show off everything you got, than an A-line is probably not want you are looking for.


In the end, these are solely suggestions when it comes to finding the perfect dress to fit your body type. If you try on a totally different style that we suggested you don’t try on and you love it, then by all means get it! Don’t let us get in your way of finding that dress of your dreams!

Now go conquer wedding dress shopping with confidence.

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