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How to Find Wedding Favors That Won’t Break the Bank

Planning your wedding is so much fun! Sticking to your budget, however, is not. When it comes to divvying up your budget, it’s hard to decide where to splurge and where to save. One essential item that’s easy to customize and save money on is guest favors. While you obviously want to give your guests something thoughtful and memorable as thanks for their wedding gift and attendance, that doesn’t mean favors need to be extravagant. Check out the list below for ten favor ideas that both guests and your wallet will love.

1. Seeds

Seed packets of your favorite flower, vegetable, or herb in personalized envelopes make a sweet gift that will let guests remember your wedding long after the big day. You can buy or make the envelopes for less than a dollar a piece and write a witty saying like “Let Love Grow” on them, or simply just the date of the wedding and your initials if you want. This idea is best for brides whose family and friends have a yard or garden. If your guests are mostly city dwellers, this might not be the favor for you.

2. Candy

Candy buffets are super popular at weddings these days. You can personalize your candy bar by making it one color, your wedding colors, or you and your partner’s favorite candies. Guests will love this because they can essentially choose their own favors! Buy the candy in bulk and get fun bags from the dollar store for the biggest savings.

3. Soap


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If you’re a DIY bride, making your own soaps as favors can save you tons of money! They’re cheap and not terribly hard to make, plus soap is a gift everyone can actually use and will use daily. Choose a light, gender-neutral scent, or make a few so guests can choose which scent they would prefer.

4. Charity Donations

Donations are the ultimate favor for brides on tight budgets. You can choose exactly how much you want to spend on each guest, then just print out some pretty cards to include at each place setting at home. These can be very meaningful to you, your partner, and your guests but make sure to choose your charity wisely. It may be your wedding but you don’t want to upset or offend your guests by donating to a cause they don’t believe in.

5. Cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies? These are great because you can make them yourself (hopefully with the help of some friends and family, and if nothing else, your sweet grandmother would lend a helping hand), so you decide how much to spend on ingredients. Baking can also be a way to relax and release stress, and bond with your parents or bridal party right before the big day. You can include you and your partner’s favorite flavors, plus crowd pleasers and maybe a gluten-free or vegan option if some of your guests call for that. Buy some cheap but colorful paper sacks to send guests home with their sweet treats, and right there you have a tasty treat.

6. Spices

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Fancy salts, sugars, cinnamon, or dry rub mixes can be really affordable if you purchase in bulk. Spices are a practical favor and will make guests think of you when they cook. Incorporating the favor spices into your wedding food (like using a special salt blend on your signature margaritas or prepping BBQ hors d’oeuvres with a custom dry rub) will really leave a lasting impact on guests. Buy small glass or plastic containers in bulk from the craft store and decorate with twine or inexpensive ribbon for an added accent.

7. Mixtapes

It might sound adolescent, but making a mix CD for loved ones is still a cheap and meaningful idea. You can use your wedding reception playlist or curate the songs with your other half to include music from your childhoods, high school prom jams, favorite love songs, “your” song, and any other music that will act as a shoutout to your guests. CDs and sleeves don’t cost a lot, so these favors are a budget-friendly way to ensure your guests think of you long after the wedding.

8. Candles

Making your own candles is a perfect and cheap way to customize your favors. Use your favorite scent or create a new one and give it a special name to accentuate your wedding day. You can use so many different containers depending on your personal style and wedding theme, from mason jars to teacups to terra cotta pots. These are a great way to bring warmth and light to your guests homes.

9. Sunglasses

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Inexpensive sunglasses are a thoughtful and practical favor to hand out if you’re doing a sunny outdoor ceremony. You can buy them in fun colors and designs for as little as a dollar apiece if you shop around online or get them from a discount or dollar store. They also make for some really fun wedding photos and will also please the little ones as well!

10. Coasters

Coasters are a practical favor that all your guests will actually use. Make your own using inexpensive tiles from the home improvement store, Mod Podge, or some sort of paper. You can use your favorite engagement photos, book pages with meaningful quotes, sheet music, or maps of significant places in your relationship to incorporate into your coasters. These favors are a cheap, easy way to leave a lasting impression on your guests.


Wedding favors come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. Whether you want to give your guests something to treasure in their homes for years to come or just a fun treat for the car ride home, finding or making a budget-friendly favor is easy. Don’t forget to customize the ideas above to make them really fit you, your partner, and your wedding, and the result will be some awesome favors!


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