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How to Get Creative Wedding Centerpieces When You Aren’t Artsy

Creating wedding centerpieces is hard work, especially if you are not artsy. When it comes to selecting one, there are too many options to choose from. First, figure out the style you prefer, and then narrow it down to series of concrete criterion. What you need is a perfect day with the right and most perfect materials for your centerpieces. For instance, you can derive your source of inspiration from nature and go for fresh flowers, plants, fruit, or succulents. Let’s look at a few designs you might consider that can be both DIY or store-bought. Feel free to put your spin on the designs and customize them to your liking.

Burst your Centerpieces with Fruits

You can easily turn the reception tables into scenes of reminiscent detail by assembling stunning bowls of seasonal fruits. Fruits are simple, yet fancy. The trick is to work with one color of fruit to give a look of high quality. Like flowers, fruits have a vibrant range of beautiful colors. Play around with the different jewel-tones of the same fruit. Try to incorporate small fruits such as grapes into floral arrangements. Alternatively, choose the floating fruit design to get a whimsical still life. The floating factor gives bright fruits, such as red and green apples, a lovely glow as they float in large clear glass vases with water at different levels.

Create a Bold Statement with Monochromatic Flowers



With so much mixing and matching, you can take the chance to make a statement with uniform flower arrangements. Monochromatic flower arrangements can be bold, modern, romantic, or soft. However, if not chosen correctly, the floral arrangement can create an odd and an unpleasant look. Artfully put together, dozens of pink flowers, such as ranunculus,  can be put in a gold vase to create a striking focal point. The arrangement has to be stunning and elegant to make the flowers stand out. Go wild with seasonal and freshly picked blooms for an extra green touch. The idea here is simple. You only need to gather several items from around your house or shop for them. The containers have to be of the same color meaning all blues, all yellows, etcetera. Be sure not to incorporate too many containers of the same color. How can this problem be solved if you are only getting one color of containers from your local store? The trick here is simple. Get a gallon of paint and give the cans the color you want or have a professional paint them for you. What you must do is paint with a smooth flawless finish. Depending on the surface being painted, at least one or two coats will be needed. If the item will require more than one coat, wait for the first coat to dry. With the tins, there is endless possibility of customization. You can also swap out traditional crystal chandelier for a hanging flower arrangement that mimics the look and texture of the light fixture. How about a touch of summer blooms? You could display the blooms in vintage vases and pitchers for a polished look. Arrange polar star and white garden roses loosely then add a pop of preppy color.

Make a Statement Piece with Multi-colored Flowers



Feel free to explore various flowers and create a twist by bundling the blooms together. First, take your wedding theme into consideration before putting the pieces together. Although roses and ranunculus are some of the most popular wedding flowers used for centerpieces, there are other unique flowers that you can add to create a perfect bouquet. Clematis, lisianthus, dahlias, dusty miller, hydrangeas, ginestra, anemone, and tulips are the other great options. Such a combination is achievable, with the only trick being the use of the right details. For instance, you can combine roses with protega and air plants. The other great set-up would be the utilization of elements such as quartz, geodes, and reclaimed wood with neutral colors of soft pinks and greens. Any right combination will steal the show. Look for greens, yellows, purples, pinks, and oranges. Keep the flowers basic and add interest through the vase you place them in. Get cool urns from an antique store or your own home to make a statement. Remember to give a touch of berries and greenery when selecting your flower arrangement. These may be the star of the entire show since they not only add color and texture but are also incredible to look at.

Go ornamental

Did you know you can make your wedding table sparkle with just a creative touch of dazzling ornaments? Get a silver bowl and create a colorful centerpiece by filling it with an assortment of colorful balls. You can creatively place one bowl on the cake stand. Alternatively, get ornament vases. This is a very easy and cheap alternative. One sure way of adding a sense of festive abundance to the reception is by getting creative with non-floral centerpieces. Non-floral centerpieces are ideal for a holiday wedding. When piled high in silver compote or bell jars, classic silver balls give a sense of interest and beauty. Get any empty space and fill it with taper candlesticks, pinecones, and ornaments of choice. Go an extra mile and make basic table numbers to lean against jars of classic floral centerpieces. If you are looking for the enchanted effect every bride wants, then place single roses in each glass and distribute the glasses evenly on each table.

Go Beachy

When you think of sand, seashells, tea light candles, glass bowls and so on, it makes you automatically about the beach and how those things have to be about beach-themed weddings and centerpieces. From starfish décor to seashell bouquets, there are many fantastic and endless ideas that work with this desirable and romantic setting. Finding something unique for this setting may be simple. However, you must choose the right combo and décor otherwise they may appear boring and misplaced. Use interesting elements to give the centerpiece a coastal flair. Bring your day to life with a touch of live goldfish centerpieces. They are an excellent non-floral alternative and also give a unique vibe to your wedding that will keep your guests interested throughout the whole wedding and reception. Not only are they easy to assemble, but also economical. You can also go for a spring fever type of decor by getting a colorful grouping of tulips and grass and place them in a clear vessel. These add an airy look to your gorgeous beachy setting.

The centerpieces listed above will give an edge to  your wedding that will leave your guests raving at the end of the night. Wonderful pictures will be taken just by adding an extra dazzle to your wedding with these fantastic centerpieces. Whether you choose to DIY or buy the centerpieces listed above, the extra flair will be greatly appreciated by both you and your guests.

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