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How to Include Guests in Your Wedding Photos

Looking to include more than just the bridal party and your family in your wedding photographs? Here are some cool and fun photographs ideas that you can implement that include your wedding guests. This will fun to look back on because you will be able to see all of the people that came to support you and still do.

Sparklers, Sparklers, Sparklers

sparklers wedding photo

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This gorgeous idea is definitely a must have if you are having sparklers at your wedding! Your guests can get involved in this wedding photo by  holding the sparklers (safely) above you and your fiancé. Not only will it look beautiful with the sparklers contrasting with the night sky, but you will also be able to see all of your guests surround you with love and warmth. Make this must have a reality by implementing it in your wedding.

Chapel Congregation

wedding guest photo

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A knock off of a huge selfie, this is a fun and humorous photo that every bride and groom need. Capture all of your guests experiencing the excitement of your wedding day with this wide-scale selfie. This will be the photo that you look back at and laugh at all of the funny faces and tangible joy that emits from the photograph itself. Make your guests feel included this way and you will always be able to look back and get taken back in time to that special moment.

People Picture

A far away people picture is one that will fit in your wedding album very nicely. By getting a collection of guests, or all of them, to form a heart, letter, or another shape of your choice, the result will be a spectacular photo displaying all of the faces that have meant something in you and your fiancé’s life. This will probably take a couple of shots to get it just right, but as long as you have patience and humor, this photo is one that will last in your mind forever.

Photo Booth

Fun with picture frame

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Having a photographer act as a photo booth is a smart way to get photos of your guests candidly being funny and genuine. Not only will you get better quality pictures that you would if you had a photo booth, but you will also have better props that will display your guests’ personalities perfectly. It is an investment having a professional photographer, but it will be worth it in the end when you’re not looking back on grainy, low quality photos.

Ceremony Zoom Out

Congregation guest wedding photo

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A photo of the congregation as you walk down the aisle will capture their raw emotions as you walk down the aisle. You don’t have to get married in a forrest with guests where clothing from Lord of the Rings like the ones in the photo above, but you would have to be getting married somewhere outside or with a lot of space in order to get a photograph of everyone. This is a cool photo for the future because it will include everyone together instead of separately.

Birdseye View

While your guests are tearing it up on the dance floor, be sure to take advantage of that moment and take a fun candid photo! No better way to capture the moment than in a birdseye view where you will be able to see everything and capture everyones surprised faces. This photo will be glorious and will have funny stories attached to it which will make your wedding even more memorable.

Lantern Release

lantern release guest and bride and groom photo

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This is one of the most stunning photos ever because of the couple, but also because of what is going on in the background. By giving your guests paper lanterns to light and release all together, the background will be full of lights and guests letting go and enjoying themselves. This photo can carry a lot of meaning if you have them attach something to letting go of the lantern like a wish for you and your husband or a trial that they want to let go of. Bring the tissues cause this photo has the potential to be extremely emotional and inspirational.

When it comes to wedding photos, it is easy to remember you, your groom, your bridal party, and your family, but it is also easy to forget about everyone else that is making your wedding magical, your guests! Your guests are the ones that start the party on the dance floor, the ones that support you, the ones that contribute towards the whole vibe of your wedding! Make sure to not forget these VIPs by including them in your wedding photos because years from now when you are looking at your photos, you will be able to get a broader memory of what your wedding was like because it includes everyone involved.

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