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How to Incorporate These Gorgeous Shells on Your Wedding Day

When planning a nautical, ocean, or even a little mermaid themed wedding, one of the most important elements to include from the sea are seashells. Seashells can be incorporated in so many different ways in your wedding, some less obvious than others. Here are some fun ways that you can include seashells beautifully on your wedding day.

Seating Cards

seashell seating


What better way to show guests which table they are seated at than with these adorable seating card holders? Made of sea urchin shells, these card holders will be stable and perfectly display the seating card. These seashells will also make pretty decor on your tables once the card is taken out. Do not miss out on this unique way to highlight your wedding theme.




Ring Holder

Seashell ring holder


This fun, creative way to include your ocean or nautical wedding theme will blow the minds of your guests. Have your ring bearer walk down the aisle in style with this awesome ring holder. With a chic look to it, this seashell ring holder is a cool touch to add to the ceremony, and especially add to pictures. You can find them specially created and could even be a possible DIY if you find some big shells and gold spray paint. This out-of-the-box thinking will help complete the look of your wedding.




DIY Tea Candles

DIY Seashell Beeswax Tealights


This fun and easy DIY is perfect for a rainy, wedding planning day. All you need is seashells, beeswax, a double boiler and wicks. Simply melt the wax and pour it into the delicate shell with the wick in place in order to create a ton of candles. Be sure to let them sit for 24 hours undisturbed before use. You can scatter these across your tables to create a beach vibe. Your guests will applaud your candle making talent when they see these precious seashells.






Seashell Initials

seashell letter

Image Source:

This unique DIY project has your create an initial that you can have displayed at your wedding. You can choose to place it at your sweetheart table, your wedding ceremony, near your cake, or even all three. The more places the better. By gathering some of your favorite seashells and gems, you can create a letter that represents your new last name and your wedding theme. This DIY gets even better with the fact that it is gorgeous enough that you can display it in your home post-wedding. So get your hot glue gun and get ready for this worthwhile DIY!





Wedding Arch

wedding ceremony seashell backdrop

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Trying to find the perfect wedding backdrop? This is the one for you even if your wedding doesn’t take place. This clean and simple way of including seashells will complement all of your ceremony photos. You can also reuse this backdrop by putting it behind you at your bridal party table. This breath-taking idea is the perfect use of seashells and by throwing in some starfish you will create a scene that is reminiscent of going to the beach on vacation.







mason jar and seashell lighting

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Light up the night with these mason jar and seashell lanterns. Another easy DIY, these lanterns are the perfect touch to your wedding reception, especially if it is an outdoor reception and ceremony. Why spend money on lanterns when you can make even cuter ones for cheaper? Gather together mason jars, seashells, rope, sand, tea candles, and a hot glue gun and BAM, adorable lighting that includes your seashell theme.






 Shell Bouquet

seashell bouquet

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Look like an island princess walking down the aisle with this stunning wedding bouquet. This bouquet which will bring out your wedding theme is a unique and absolutely gorgeous. It also can be used as a keepsake after the wedding because it won’t wilt and die. Let this be a family heirloom that your kids and your kids kids will walk down the aisle with for generations to come. A seashell bouquet will complement your dress perfectly and will pop in all of your wedding photos. Make a smart investment with this bouquet and pass it down for generations.




There are so many different ways that you can include seashells in your big day that will individualize your wedding from all the rest. Seashells will perfectly fit into your nautical or ocean themed wedding with style, beauty, and grace.






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