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4 Things To Consider Before Including Pets On Your Wedding Day

Why shouldn’t your pets be apart of your big day?

You’ve picked out your bridesmaids, and have your guest list complete.  But what about some of the most important ones in your daily life, your pets? Including your pets in your big day can be such a cute idea and if planned out correctly, it can also be a good experience for your pets, your groom, you, and your guests. So what are the things you need to consider before you include your pets on your big day?

Be Safe


The first thing is that you want it to be a safe experience for all involved. You don’t want your dog or cat to walk down the aisle and then run away causing your big day to turn into a search party. So make sure that you put safety first.  This most likely will mean leashes on, or at the very least doors closed or fenced in areas if it’s outside. The type of pet you have will also determine what needs to be done to ensure safety first.  Keep in mind your pet’s personality around large groups of people.  An outgoing pet in your home may not act the same in a new strange environment with lots of people.

Check With The Venue


Another big thing you’ll want to check out beforehand is the venue’s policy on pets.  You may want to include your pet in the ceremony and not the reception, or vice versa depending on the policies and also how much your pet can handle in the way of crowds.  A good idea is to have a handler available for the whole day for your animal family member.  Make sure it’s someone who loves your pet and who you can trust to take good care of him or her while you are going through all the beautiful and fun events of your wedding day.

Practice Makes Perfect


Make sure to practice with your pet especially if he or she is going to be doing any specific tasks.  How much practice and what they will be doing will depend on your pet and how involved you want them to be. Maybe they are just there for some photo ops or maybe they will be doing specific tasks. Let’s take a look at some ideas on how to involve them in your big day.

Be Creative


A dog could be the ring bearer or flower girl.  You may have a handler be the co-flower girl or co-ring bearer and walk him or her down the aisle on a leash.  This position doesn’t have to be limited to dogs.  If you have a pot bellied pig or llama that will walk down the aisle, what a cute display it will be.  A cat could be dressed up and carried or walked on a leash.

The bride could ride her horse in to the ceremony bareback or with a saddle if the wedding is outside.  If you have more than one horse and they are trained to pull a cart, there isn’t anything more beautiful than the newlyweds riding off together to the reception or honeymoon in a carriage being pulled by your equine family.

Other Fun Ways To Include Your Pets


Include your pet’s photo on the invitation. If you’ve decided that bringing your pet to the wedding is out, this is a great way to include him or her.  You can include a cute message on the invitation such as “My mom and dad are getting married” or have your dog hold a sign that says “Save the date” with you and your fiance in the background.

The bride could walk down the aisle holding a pet instead of flowers.  What a great way to include those little pets like a rabbit or tortoise.

Some animals can be special sign holders.  An animal that is well trained to sit still could have a sign hung around him like a collar that invites guests to pick a seat. Your pet could have a sign that says he or she is the guest of honor.  They could stand with you as you say your vows.

However you decide to include your pet on your wedding day, whether it’s a token photo or a special role at the ceremony, have fun with it and don’t be afraid to be unique.

If you’ve had your pet present at your nuptials before, feel free to share your photos with us on Facebook!




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