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How To Keep it Candid With Wedding Photos

Wedding photos are one of the most important parts of the big day. When you are feeling a whirlwind of emotions like stress, exhaustion, elation, and that gushy, head-over-heels in love feeling that you should be feeling, it can be hard to focus on everything that is happening. Your photographer is there to capture every moment of the day, whether big or small, candid or posed, and they are there to please you as a couple on this special day.
Having lots of classic posed shots with your partner and wedding party is important, but be sure to request that your photographer take candid shots as well. These will really capture the mood of the day and will allow you to treasure quieter, more intimate moments you either did not know happened or would have forgotten about. But it can be hard to be candid, especially when you know all eyes and focus lens are on you. So take some of these suggestions into consideration when worrying about being “candid enough” for the camera to make your life a little more simple.

1. Don’t Focus on the Photographer

Yes, it will be very weird to have someone following you around with a camera all day, but try not to focus on it. If you are constantly looking into the camera or changing your behavior, the photos will not really reflect your personality or the feeling of your big day. It sounds cliche, but just go about the day as if the photographer was not there. And if you do so, you are more likely to be pleased with your candid shots and have some real treasures to have forever.

2. Get to Know Your Photographer

Feeling comfortable with and friendly towards your photographer is the key to great wedding photos, both posed and candid alike. The more you get to know each other, the more natural you will act and the better the photographer can anticipate great shots. A good way to achieve this comfortable feeling is to meet and chat a few times before your wedding so you both know each others’ personalities and what to expect on the big day. You could even hire a friend or family member to take pictures (that has photography experience) if you know you will be uptight around a stranger.

3. Let Your Weird Out!

Do not let the presence of the photographer stop you from having fun! It is your day to celebrate and enjoy your newlywed, so if that means changing into sweats halfway through the reception, doing karaoke with your bridesmaids, or leading the cha-cha slide, don’t hesitate! The more fun you have, the better the photos will turn out.

4. Be Affectionate

Showing your love to everyone at your wedding will make for some sweet candid shots. In the years to come you will look back on them and laugh, cry, or smile because of the wonderful memories captured. Obviously be natural, but some good ideas to show your affection and love would be a slow dance with Grandpa, kissing the ring bearer much to his dismay, or squeezing your new hubby’s bum after a few too many glasses of champagne. Whether the moments are sentimental or silly, guests will love being included in your precious wedding memories.

5. Hire Two Photographers

Two Wedding Photographers Photographing Newlyweds

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Having two photographers on the go during your wedding will ensure every moment is captured, big or small. This is especially great for capturing candid photos of the men and the women getting ready in different locations, shots from opposite ends of the aisle, and photos from different angles of the dance floor. Many photographers offer this as an option in their wedding packages without you having to ask. While the second person will likely just be an apprentice, it’s better than relying on your friends’ Instagram posts to see parts of your wedding you may have missed.

6. Have a Solid Timeline

Make your schedule for the day far ahead of time and plan for more time than you will actually need. While this is mainly in case of emergencies, it can also allow special candid moments to unfold during the down time. For example, if you and your girls get ready ahead of schedule, you could fill the time with a first look shot with your dad, an impromptu dance party, or an ambush on the guys’ getting-ready spot. These unexpected moments will make for fun, candid memories you’ll look back on with a smile.

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7. Invite Kids (Or Your Dog)

Kids and pets are both constantly doing unexpected, often silly things. This can mean tons of hilarious candid shots in your wedding album. Whether your dog is giving you kisses or the flower girl has plopped down in the middle of the aisle and refuses to move, these moments will be some of the most fun to look back on after your big day. It’s also a fun way to tease kids about their silly toddler antics once they grow up and are looking through wedding photos with you!


The most important tip for great wedding photos is to be yourself and to not sweat the small stuff. If you are worrying about every little thing throughout the day, your candid shots will show it. Enjoy your celebration and your guests, have fun, and give your sweetheart lots of lovin’ and your photos will turn out great!


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