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How to Rock Being the Single One at Weddings (As Shown Through GIFS)

A wedding is a symbol of love. A wedding day is devoted to two people that love each other very much and are willing to commit the rest of their lives to tolerating, I mean, living with each other. It truly is a beautiful sight to see a friend get married and to see them make this big commitment, even if the ride has not been easy and they have fought through struggles. It is also beautiful to see other friends, family, men and women, enjoying the time to spend with each other and catch up.

It can also be an intimidating and terrifying event for those who do not have a “plus one” and are attending this whole sha-bang by themselves. For the single peeps who have to come to a wedding by themselves, sit at a table with people they do not even know, and dance with random strangers on the dance floor, I automatically gain respect points for you because it is not easy.

But have no fear! There are some fun solutions, advice, and options we have for you here at OurStart to help you get through this hard time. We also encourage you to enjoy scrolling through some of these suggestions, because GIFs are always an added plus and they can make you laugh at a slightly intimidating situation.


1. Enjoy the cocktail hour.


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Especially if it is an open bar. If there is free alcohol, or any alcohol for that matter even if it does cost money, take advantage of it. Although you might not be seeking out an irresistible bachelor, you have a higher chance of being noticed by one if you are casually sipping a glass of wine. Remember, classy is normally the better way to go. So do not do anything too stupid.

2. Do not feel like you need to hang out with your table all night.


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Especially if you are stuck with a whole bunch of people you do not know. Or even worse, if you are stuck at the “singles” table. Because that can get mighty awkward real quick. So if you know other people sitting at other tables, after the meal, get up and talk to other people or go crazy on the dance floor. Do not feel like you need to be tied down to your table under any circumstances.

3. Go crazy on the dance floor.


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I mean, come on. If you do not have a date and are here by yourself, go nuts! No one is going to judge you because there are sure to be other crazies out on the dance floor. Enjoy the fun group dances like the Cha Cha Slide and Cotton Eyed Joe, and be sure to sing your heart out every time a Taylor Swift song comes on. And if you have another group of friends (whether they are married or single), grab them and show off your moves together! Even dancing with a small child, toddler, or even an old grandma, is better than dancing by yourself! So have fun with it!

4. Exit the dance floor when the slow songs come on.


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This is the only time that you should NOT go crazy on the dance floor. No matter how hard you try, whether you dance silly by yourself or act stupid with a girlfriend nearby, being single and being on the dance floor during a slow song just makes you look awkward. So when “God Bless the Broken Road” by the good ol’ Rascal Flatts come on, make a beeline for the bathroom or a quick drink until the next J-Biebs song comes on.

5. To participate in the bouquet throw or not?


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Some would say that participating in the bouquet throw just makes you stick out even more as a single person. And the answer is yes, it would! But if you do not mind embracing your singleness and maybe get some free flowers and free luck in the process, than why not catch that bouquet? But if you are insecure and do not want others watching you and recognizing you as single, then just slip back and make conversation with a bystander nearby or take a quick bathroom break.

6. Eat a lot of food.


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Seriously. YOLO. You have no reason to be embarrassed about eating in front of a boyfriend, husband, or significant other. So why not chow down on the free food that the bride and groom kindly provided for their guests? Oh, do not forget about the cake too. That is pretty important. So whether it be stuffing your face with the appetizers or chomping down on the expensive steak next to the cute guy at your table, you do you and eat food. Because food is great.

7. Be confident.


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You are single and that is okay. You do not need to have a plus one at a wedding to have a good time. Put on a cute and sexy little black dress and dress it up with some heels. Strut your way into that cocktail hour and show the crowd what you are made of on the dance floor. Remember that you are beautiful and are there to celebrate with friends and family. So go do you!

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