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How To Show Your S.O. Love Through Their Love Language

How can you love them better?

What is your spouse or significant other’s love language? Do you even know? Does he know yours? Since it was released in 1995, the book The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman has taken our culture by storm. Suddenly, everyone wanted to know their top love language and the ways they could love others better. 

But love languages can also play a significant role in your own relationship. They can be an excellent way to show love and affection to your spouse in specific ways. So, what are some ways you can show your man love based on their love language? We have some ideas that might do the trick.

Words of Affirmation

This love language means that someone loves when he or she is complimented, encouraged, or affirmed in some ways by your words or deeds.

What You Can Do:

  • Write a meaningful note telling them how much you love them

  • Make them an affirmation bowl- this includes strips of papers with compliments on them. They can have fun unwrapping a new one each day.

  • Try to compliment them at least once a day

  • Write your wedding vows to them, for tips check out our article here.

  • Compliment their appearance when you go out

  • Tell them that you love them every day

  • Tell them specifically when they did an excellent job

  • Write a list of what makes them special and give it to them.

Acts of Service

This love language is expressed by doing something that your significant other would like. Though it can sometimes be the most time-consuming of the love languages, it can also mean the most.

What You Can Do: 

  • Wash the dishes

  • Clean the house

  • Pick up the kids from school

  • Cooking dinner 

  • Doing the laundry

  • Making the bed

  • Packing his lunch

  • Helping him out when he asks for it

  • Mowing the lawn

If you aren’t sure how your man would like you to serve him, it never hurts to ask.


Who doesn’t like to get a surprise gift? Though this love language is sometimes looked down on for being superficial, it’s an entirely reasonable love language to have.  Also, it’s important to note that people whose love language is gifts, don’t care how much you spend on their gift. They just want it to be unexpected and from the heart.

What You Can Do: 

  • Surprise them with a small gift just because

  • Buy their favorite food

  • Buy them their favorite candy for a movie night

  • If they talk about wanting something, surprise them with it on a birthday or anniversary

  • Get them doughnuts just because 

  • Treat them to something they would never spend money on themselves

  • Get them tickets to see their favorite band

Physical Touch

This is by far the easiest of the love languages for most people to give. If you are someone who is not super touchy, you might need to get over your aversion now or risk offending your partner.

What You Can Do: 

  • Spoon them

  • Give them a hug and kiss in the morning

  • Hug them throughout the day

  • Hold their hands

  • Give them a foot rub

  • Casually touch their arms or hands during a conversation

  • Let them cuddle you

  • Hug them for as long as they want

Quality Time

Because everyone loves spending time with each other, right? Well, some more than others. Quality time is our last love language, and it is all about making sure that you are spending intentional time with your partner.

What You Can Do: 

  • Have a weekly dinner planned
  • Set aside a day of the weekend just to spend with them
  • Make a list of things they love to do and work through it together
  • Get ice cream
  • Try out a new restaurant
  • See a musical or play
  • Have a movie marathon
  • Hike to a new location or do something outdoors
  • Nap together
  • Eat brunch

Anything that you do together counts as quality time. Just make sure that you schedule an intentional time to make your quality time lover feel better.

In conclusion, there are so many unique ways that we can express and show love to one another. Ask your love today what makes them feel happy and loved, and work on demonstrating that to them each week. And don’t forget to apply these rules to any other relationship in your life, like with your friends, family, and children. 

For more tips on love languages and to take the love languages test, check out the website here.

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