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How to Take the Headache Out of Wedding Themes

5 of the most popular wedding themes you MUST look into before planning your ideal wedding. 

Every couple wants their wedding to be unique compared to all the other weddings that their guests (or the couple themselves, for that matter) have been to. They want their wedding to be one that is remembered for a long time and is treasured by others as a day of true love and romanticism.

But how do you make your wedding unique and have a theme and please your guests all at the same time?

Oh, it most definitely can be done. Some brides do not have a theme, while other couples have an overall theme and add a little unique twist on it that is specially theirs. And whatever you and your groom to be choose in the end is your decision. But we want to help you along in that decision making process!

Below, we have listed some of the top and most popular wedding themes that brides incorporate in their wedding somehow today. We hope that you can enjoy looking at all the different creative ideas in each them, and then incorporating you and your honey’s ideas to make a spin off of your own theme!

1. Vintage


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A vintage wedding theme is exactly how it sounds. It is basically a “Throwback Thursday” wedding style in that everything is still “in style”, but it has an old and vintage twist to it. Many times, brides will wear flower crowns in their hair, and maybe even their bridesmaids as well. They might also wear an old fashioned headband or a flower pin in their curls. In a vintage themed wedding, many times the bride will wear a lace dress and wear pearl earrings or some type of pearl.

A vintage wedding also incorporates many different types of odds and ends; whether it be old suitcases filled with old books for the guests as wedding favors or an old globe for the guests to sign instead of a traditional wedding signing book. They might have guests drink out of decorated mason jars or take pictures with an old Polaroid. Whatever it may be, a vintage themed wedding incorporates old things and vintage ideas, but still keeps it modern.


2. Shabby Chic


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Shabby Chic is also becoming more and more popular with girly brides these days, that still want that vintage twist on it. Shabby Chic will incorporate everything pink and natural, but will also throw in some vintage tarnished dining silverware for guests to use for their main utensils.

A Shabby Chic bride might have teacups, along with her mom and grandma’s finest china in there as well. Like stated before, pink is mostly likely the main color and should be incorporated in the flowers. If not pink, definitely a lighter color, not bright and neon based colors. Lace is also very big, and maybe there is lace on the place cards or lace picture frames of the couple as favors. Nevertheless, make sure to bring out your girly side and meet up with your vintage preferences to make the perfect combination.

3. Modern


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This theme is perfect for couples that want something very classy, elegant, and where money is no object! Be warned. Modern weddings can, of course, be done on a restricted budget. But because of the expensive and elegant look it projects and incorporates, many things will not be as cheap as they would be in a vintage wedding.

Modern weddings are not traditional, and many times their venues will not be in churches. Modern venues could be a hotel ballroom, an art museum, or nice country club. Many times, the centerpieces include candles and crystals or beads of some sort, along with flowers like orchids or roses. Chandeliers are a must, along with other gorgeous lighting of some sort. Drinks are normally served in wine glasses (not mason jars) and the dancing floor is lit with neon lights and fog machines. If you like this exquisite taste, then a modern theme is right up your alley!


4. Traditional


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You are probably wondering if traditional weddings are still a thing. While not as popular as others, traditional weddings are totally still a thing. A traditional wedding normally takes place in a church (opposite of Modern), and then either has a reception inside the church or at another simple venue nearby.

A traditional wedding is color coordinated around one color theme many times. The couple’s initials are on the wedding favors or place cards, and the cake is towering. Traditional weddings many times will include a buffet (in a modern wedding, served food is more popular) and candy is served in small dishes on the table. While many of these things could be incorporated into the other wedding themes, they are popular characteristics in traditional weddings from the past. If you like simple and traditional (want to use traditional ideas and do it your way), then this is a great choice!


5. Romantic


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A romantic theme is combining your girly side with modern! You could say this theme is very whimsical or Once-Upon-A-Time like. The venue can be anywhere, whether it be at a church, in a hotel, or outside, but wherever it is, there will be pink flowers of sort. Twinkling lights will light up the aisle, as well as the reception place after the wedding.

The bride can really wear whatever style dress she would like, but most likely her flower girls will be in tutus or pink dresses. The reception may have bows on the seats, the place settings will be whimsical perfection, and flowers and candles will adorn the tables. The white cake will be stacked high and many times is decorated with flowers. The bride will turn into a giggling girl when she waltzes with her groom on the dance floor and will smile as she tosses her bouquet of pink roses to a crowd of girls. This wedding is perfect for any daddy’s girl who wants the princess wedding she has always dreamed of!

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