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7 Ways To Utilize Your Husband When The Baby Comes

It’s not just your job to raise the kids.

Some Dads are going to be naturals and want to help nurture and care for your new baby right alongside you. Others may need a little more direction and help.  Here are some ideas on how to utilize your husband when your child is first born.

Cooking Duties

Have your husband be in charge of dinners.  You may need to let go of some control here.  If he is up for making a 5 course meal for you and your family then more power to him, but if he wants to call for Chinese take out, hey, as long as he’s getting it done and dinner is on the table, you might want to applaud his efforts.  If you have young ones already, have dad make their breakfast and lunches so that you can spend your time nursing and taking care of the baby.

Diaper Duty

Have your husband keep the diaper changer area well stocked. You may need a checklist here for him to follow. Baby wipes, creams, diapers, etc.  Also make sure that if you have a diaper basket that he knows to take it out with the trash.


Have your spouse help out with the cleaning.  Depending on his abilities in this area you may have to be more or less direct in your wishes of what you’d like clean.  A check list is one of the easiest things for most people to follow.  It can go something like this:  Run the sweeper, wash off the counters and table after meals, clean the toilet, clean the windows, and the list can go on as long as you think it can be for him to handle it.  Making it too big could backfire.  You may not get anything or very much done right if the list is too overwhelming.

Watch The Baby

Hopefully, this may be already occurring naturally, but if some spouses need it spelled out clearly and directly, ask them to hold or watch the baby while you take a nap, run to the store, workout, or take a shower.  No one can read minds, and as much as you may want him to know what you are thinking, coming right out and saying what you’d you like from him is probably going to be the best route to take to get what you’d like.

Take The Other Kids Out

If you have other children, have your spouse take them to the zoo or go on a picnic.  Though you may want to be there for many activities as a new family with your baby, there may be times when you just need a little break.  Be specific and if he doesn’t want to decide on an activity, help plan the outing for him.

Do The Laundry

Some household tasks are easy but time consuming. Laundry is one of those tasks.  Ask you husband to do the family laundry for you when your baby is first born.  It’s not a hard job at all, and one most spouses should be able to handle with ease.

Give The Baby A Bath

Most Dad’s hopefully will want to do some direct baby tasks too. Bath time is a great time for bonding time with Daddy, and it will give you a break and breather.

Those are just some ways to utilize your spouse when your baby is first-born.  Make sure to communicate clearly so that he knows what you are wanting.  Enjoy this time as you begin to grow your family together.

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