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How to Accessorize Without Overdoing it

It is extremely easy to over accessorize  daily outfit, let alone your wedding gown. Sparkly jewelry seems to have a magnetic effect on all women who enjoy the finer things in life. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind as you buy accessories for your wedding gown. These tips will leave you looking perfectly adorned and flawless on your wedding day!

Theme, theme, theme.

What kind of environment are you envisioning on your wedding day? What is your theme? Are you leaning towards a more casual, backyard BBQ kind of wedding or are you aiming for a wedding that takes place in a ballroom with everyone dressed to the nines? Your wedding environment and theme plays a vital role in how you dress on your big day. It would look silly if all of your guests were dressed in tuxes and evening gowns and then you showed up wearing a teacup dress and sneakers.

Dressy Accessories

For a more dressed up wedding, you want your jewelry to make a statement that screams luxury and glam. Jewelry that fits this mold includes:

  • Statement Necklaces
  • Classy Heels
  • Diamond Anything
  • Sparkly head pieces

These accessories will be sure to compliment your dress beautifully because it will blend in perfectly with your wedding atmosphere.

Laid Back Accessories

If your wedding is more on the laid-back, casual side, you have more freedom in accessories that you can get away with, and on a budget. Examples of these are:

  • Brightly colored heels
  • Fun, chunky jewelry
  • Simplistic necklaces
  • Unique hair pieces

Having fun with your casual wedding can be a way that you can express your creativity and love for the simple things in life.

Everything Wedding Gown

Necklines and wedding gown styles are essential for finding the perfect jewelry. You don’t want to pair opposite items, like a statement necklace and a lace long-sleeve gown, which can lead to not only your photos looking uncomfortable, but also you being uncomfortable. Pairing those two items can cause your outfit to look to stuffy instead of light and effortless.

Illusion Necklines

If you have a dress with an illusion neckline, you have some freedom for the types of accessories that will look good. You could choose some big, sparkly earrings and some minimalistic bracelets, or you can go for the statement necklace and simple diamond/pearl studs. With your hair, both an updo with beautiful hair accessories or having it down with either a flower crown or headpiece, your hair is sure to be gorgeous.

Strapless Dresses

A strapless dress is well compliment with either a bigger, chunky necklace, or a simple pearl or pendant necklace. These dresses also look great with any size earrings because the open neckline leaves ample opportunity for jewelry choices. Just don’t go too overboard with statement jewelry which can steal the attention away from your gorgeous dress if you are not careful.

V-Neck Dresses

A v-neck automatically draws attention directly to your face, so if your dress has a v-neck or a drop-neck neckline, a longer, more dangly necklace is the best way to go. A longer necklace is best because it fills up the empty space and is a trendy fashion choice. For earrings with a v-neck dress, go simple and subtle. Your guests eyes would be overwhelmed with having their attention drawn to both your neckline and your earrings.

Turtleneck Dresses

Turtleneck dresses are rare, but they are found on brides who want to be different for reasons such as modesty or individualism. With turtleneck dresses, the neckline is the accessory. It is impossible for a necklace to look good on such a high neckline as this one. Earrings, on the other hand, you can wear as long as they are simplistic and classy.

Thin Strap Dresses

A dress that has thin straps emerging from a strapless neckline is extremely easy to accessorize. Aiming for jewelry that compliments your dress details and drawing attention to your face are ideal. These include statement dresses, long earrings, and subtle head pieces.

Low Back Dresses

A wedding gown with an extremely low back is becoming increasingly popular. A new kind of jewelry has emerged that seems to be specifically meant for this dress style. These come in a variety of styles that are glamorous and eye-catching.

These Shoes are Meant for Weddings..

Shoes are important on your wedding day because they are the thing that keeps you comfortable, or extremely uncomfortable, as you walk down the aisle. Your choice of shoes varies and depends on the length of your dress. If your dress is floor-length, you can choose any shoes you want, or lack there of, no one will know. On the other hand, if your dress is shorter, your sh
oes are going to make a statement no matter what because they will be visible at all times. You go a trendy route and wear heels that defy gravity or you can go a chill route by wearing sneakers or sandals. On the flip side, a dress that is too long for you and cannot be hemmed, your choice is limited to heels that will make up for the difference.

To Veil, or Not to Veil

Depending on your religious beliefs, you may see a veil as absolutely necessary or as an option. If you do not see the veil as a staple part of your wedding, you can choose to go without it and in its place wear a flower crown or a headpiece like Kim Kardashian rocked on her wedding day. If you do choose to wear a veil, there are many different styles and colors available for you to choose from. From lace veils to fishnet headpieces, there is a hair accessory for every tradition or nontraditional bride out there.

All in all, your jewelry and accessory choice on your wedding day is ultimately your choice. If you think that a chunky, pearl necklace will look good with your wedding gown and are determined to wear it, go for it! These guidelines will help you if you are unsure of what will and will not look good with your wedding dress. The most important thing to remember when choosing your wedding accessories, is to have fun! This shouldn’t be a stressful decision for you because through your jewelry, you will be able to express yourself and your own personal style.

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