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10 Affordable Decorations To Make Your House Fall Ready

Make your house fall- ready!

Are you ready for fall decorations? With the sudden changing of seasons, there comes a perfect opportunity for new decorating ideas for the interior and exterior of your house.  Fall’s hues of oranges, reds, and yellows can make those hot summers at the beach not so hard to say goodbye to. Make your home even more inviting when you return on those chilly fall evenings.

Warm Colors

Fall is the time to have fun with the warm colors.  Those will be your reds, oranges, and yellows.  Think of campfire colors, and you can’t go wrong.


Fall Flowers

Try adding mums to your dining room table or bookshelf.  Or if you’d rather use artificial flowers, take a stroll down your Walmart floral section in the craft aisle.


Scented Displays

How about cinnamon scented pine cones with acorns for a table display?  Studies have shown that the power of smell is the sense that recalls good times the easiest.


Indian Corn

Colorful Indian Corn is perfect for hanging on your front door.  Just the look of it is an invitation to come in out of the cold.  Try Walmart or local farmers for your Indian Corn.  Next year try growing some yourself even.


Corn Husks

Corn husks by each side of your front door entrance also make a cute display.  This is a byproduct of corn, so it is not expensive.  People who raise corn may even be happy to give you some.


Pumpkins and Gourds

And let’s not forget pumpkins and gourds!   There should be a wide variety of colors of this squash at your local farmer’s market, Walmart, or Pumpkin farm.



What an excellent time for a change of tablecloth or runner.  If you are a sewer, or ever wanted to try sewing, this is a simple thing to make.  Cut the size you want and just sew a hem.  Walmart, Joann Fabrics, and your local craft store will have lots of fun fall patterns to choose from.  A simple change of table cloth or runner can give your house a whole new look.


Felted Acorns

This is one of my favorites. I like making these from alpaca and sheep wool.  I die the wool with kool-aid, and then needle felt them into the acorn caps that I collect.  You can also purchase these online.


Autumn Wreaths

Even the not so crafty person can come up with a homemade wreath.  Or you could buy one already made.  But don’t count yourself short on making one yourself.  Either collect natural items or take a walk down your Walmart artificial flower section and choose some lovely flowers and fall items that you like.  Right around the same aisle, you will find wreath wire.  Simply wire it on a wreath wire form.  I made wreaths last Christmas for both selling and giving away.  I spent about $3 a piece on the 15-inch wreath wire forms. They are not expensive, and you can buy the size of the wreath that you’d like to make.


Bees Wax Candles

I can’t think of a warmer and more inviting fall scent than bees wax candles burning.  The cool thing about bees wax is that it’s non-toxic so the scent given off should not make even the most sensitive person feel sick.  Bees wax gives off negative ions that help with allergies.  I once had a nephew visit who had terrible allergies. He was surprised that with all of our farm animals and indoor pets too, that he had no allergic reactions while at our place.  I happened to be melting and making bees wax candles most of that weekend.  He was so impressed at how well it worked for his allergies. I sent him home with some bees wax candles as a gift.


Last Thoughts

Fall is that transition time between two long seasons.  Make fall have a warm feeling all its own by making your house decorated and inviting. With the cooler temperatures and still nice enough weather to be outside a lot, fall is a beautiful time. Make your home radiate all of the wonders of this glorious season.


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