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8 Ideas and Tips for Spending Wedding Money Practically

The average wedding cost in 2016 according to the Knot was $35,329.  This may not be a problem for many couples, and I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot of money to me.  If you are planning a wedding on a budget, I am here to help.  I’ve put together some ideas for planning a wedding on a budget in today’s article.

Hold the Wedding Outdoors or at Your Home

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Things can get expensive if you rent a building for your wedding.  Instead, try to hold the wedding at your home or a parent’s home.  If it is a beautiful day, keeping the wedding outdoors is a great idea.  Not only is it inexpensive, but the guests can enjoy the fresh air as the couple ties the knot.  Always have a backup plan in case the weather changes.  If possible, consider using your home as a place that guests can walk inside to if the weather turns bad.

Do the Catering Yourself

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Some people spend $71 per person when having someone cater their wedding.  If you invite a lot of people, the cost of catering is going to be expensive.  To lower the amount of money that you pay for your wedding, you may want to consider doing the catering yourself.  If cooking isn’t your type of thing, then look around your community for a family-owned restaurant, and ask the owners if they would cater your wedding.  Family-owned restaurants can be cheaper and will try their best to make your wedding special.

Don’t Buy As Many Flowers

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Although weddings can look pretty when all the bridesmaids and bride carry a large bouquet, it can also cost a lot of money.  To lower the cost of flowers, have each bridesmaid carry one flower (like a rose), and the bride carry a small bouquet.

Make Your Own Invitations

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The average price for wedding invitations is $462.  This price can be lowered to a much cheaper cost if you make your own invitations.  You can buy blank invitation cards at a store, or print out your own.  Some sites on the internet have wedding invitations that you simply print out.  Homemade invitation cards won’t be as fancy, but it will serve the same purpose as more expensive cards would.

Buy Dresses On Sale

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When buying bridesmaid dresses, make sure to buy them at the store instead of having them custom made.  Also, try to find dresses on sale.  Make sure that the store has different sizes, and that it has the colors that you will need.  Another way to save money is to have your bridesmaids wear a dress that they already have in that color.

Have Friends Take Photos

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Since a photographer can cost up to $2,783 for a wedding, it is important to choose wisely on how you want the photos done.  You may want to consider asking a friend to take pictures of your wedding.  Make sure that they know how to run your camera, and that they know the angles that you want.

Buy Cheap Decorations

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When shopping for decorations, look for ones that are inexpensive and simple.  Also look for used decorations that other recent brides may be selling.  Don’t forget to check out your local dollar store for some great deals on wedding decorations.

Keep the Honeymoon Simple

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A honeymoon doesn’t have to include airline tickets and an exotic getaway.  Consider going somewhere driveable.  Ideas may include a camping trip or luxurious hotel getaway close to where you live.

Final Thoughts

A wedding shouldn’t bankrupt you, your parents, or your groom’s parents.  I’ve put together a small list of ideas to consider when planning a wedding on a budget.  This list is only the beginning.  Think about every aspect of your wedding and try to come up with less expensive alternatives. Good luck!

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