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If You Don’t Take Notes Now, You’ll Regret It On Your Wedding Day!

7 Things Brides Forget, That You Can’t Forget!

It is easy to get stressed when brides begin thinking of everything that they need for their big day. There’s the flowers, the dress, the venue, the guest number, the caterer, the DJ or band, oh, and the groom of course! But there are some things that brides never think about or remember, until they are ready to walk down the aisle in five minutes.

And believe us when we say that you do not want this. Do not be that bride.

There are a few things that we want to remind you lovely ladies of when it comes to wedding planning. It is better to get these things down now so you will be reminded later in the planning, rather than simply saying, “I’ll remember it when the time comes.” Because what are the chances of that actually happening?

Pretty slim. Hence this article and the main heading.

So, we encourage you to take some notes when reading through these suggestions, as well as printing out our quick and easy FREE checklist that we have provided for you so you most definitely will not forget!

1. Who is cleaning up?

Unless you have hired a whole bunch of maids to clean up and gather your things after the wedding, it is key to have a group of people or family to gather your gifts, leftover cake, trash (if the venue does not cover this), table settings, and everything else in between. Chances are, if you have a few friends (even some people from your bridal party) or family that is willing to help, they will have the place cleaned up in no time. So be sure to have a specific portion of people set aside that are willing to stay a bit after the reception and clean everything up.

2. The marriage license is pretty important.

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Yes, you are getting married! But do not forget that it needs to be legal. And do not, under any circumstance, save this for last minute. As soon as you can qualify for your license, do it. Gather all the paperwork that is require in advance, and be sure to ask for specifications on what you need exactly so there are no complications and you do not forget something when you go to apply.

3. Your overnight necessities.

You need to pack a small bag with your first night things so you can be prepared and ready to go when you and your new hubby leave for the night. You can keep it in an easy and accessible place if that is easiest and depending on the venue. You can also give it to your maid of honor, a family member, or another bridesmaid who will not lose it and will be able to hold onto it for the evening. If you want to be extremely cautious, you can check with the hotel and see if the room is available to hold your things a few days before so it is in the room and ready to go when you arrive.

4. A guest book? I think so.

Whether it be an actual guest book, a picture frame, a guitar, whatever it may be, make sure you have something for the guests to sign when the come in! Not only does this create a wonderful memory for you when you look back years later, but it also makes the guest feel appreciated and special because you want them in on your special day. If you are interested in doing something other than the traditional guest book, then click here for more helpful ideas!

5. Checking in with your vendors.

There is no bigger nightmare than your band not showing up on your wedding day and you figure out that they never made the booking official. So, in order to avoid these obstacles that may come across your path, call a week in advance to ALL of your vendors to clarify that you are booked or on their list so that there are no complications when your day comes. It is also helpful to have a list of the vendors for whoever is your special person running around on your day to help you out!

6. Signs and directions.

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Image Source:

Trust me, a confused and frustrated guest is something you want to ignore. Make sure to have signs designated in areas to point in the direction of the bathroom, ballroom, parking, etc. If your reception is not at the same venue as your actual ceremony, it is helpful to have directions printed somewhere (possibly on the programs) so that the guests can get to the reception venue safe and soundly with no problems getting lost or not knowing where they are going!

7. Put the party in party favors!

Okay, so they are not party favors. They are technically wedding favors. And it is not required that brides do this, but this is just another way the bride and groom can say “Thank you for supporting us!”. It can be little chocolates, jellybeans, some bubbles, a nice candle, a wineglass with the wedding date on it, and so much more! It is fun to get creative with wedding favors, so do not forget about this fun and creative thing that you can include on your special day! If you want the perfect wedding favor, but are having problems figuring out what works best for you, click here for some great ideas!


If You Don't Take Notes Now, You'll Regret It On Your Wedding Day


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